Travel into Salem

Travel by train

The MBTA has a train stop right in Salem, MA. Ticket info, schedules, maps and more can be found on the MBTA’s web site here.

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Please note that in the month of October, train schedules may be adjusted. The closer to Halloween, the more chaotic it will be so arrive early because train cars will be crowded (especially when leaving the city Halloween night!). On Halloween night, the train station puts on a fireworks show at the end of the runs for the day, so be sure to look up!

Once you have exiting the train upon arrival in Salem, go up the steps in front of you and walk straight past the court house (which will be on your right) until you reach the intersection featuring a state of Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched. Go left to begin walking the shops and restaurants!

Travel by car

If you’re visiting by car, be aware that parking is limited and largely not free. Please also know that many footpath/tourist areas do not allow vehicles on the roads (outside of police or emergency vehicles) so be sure you don’t turn down any streets you aren’t supposed to be on.

Metered/Paid Parking

– There are metered spots along: Derby street, Congress street and Hawthorne street.
– There is a metered lot on the corner of Front street and Lafayette street.
– The South Harbor Garage on the corner of Congress and Derby is .25/hour.
– There is a lot behind The Museum Place Mall that will run you $1.00 an hour. Be sure to remember your license plate once you leave your car so you can pay at the kiosk.
– If you don’t have room in the above mentioned lot there is also a garage attached The Museum Place Mall. The rates in the garage are more expensive than the lot and in the month of October will likely run you $20/car. Normal rates are lower, check posted signs for info before entering.

Free Parking

– There is free two hour parking on the Pickering Wharf and free street parking on Congress as well as metered spots.
– There are free parking spaces around the Salem Commons.
– There is free parking at the Salem Ferry.

A note about side streets and hotel lots

Parking on side streets is heavily observed by police so I do not recommend leaving your car on a curb somewhere residential unless you want to have it towed.
If you’re staying at a hotel in the downtown area (for example, The Hawthorne) and they do have their own lot, I would suggest using it. I do not recommend leaving your car in the lot of a hotel you are not staying at, as it will likely be towed.

Parking at the train station

If you decide to leave your car in the train station parking lot (shown in the section above) be sure to note your space number and keep up with rates. This lot fills quickly, so if you land a spot, I’d suggest leaving your car there unless you really need to remove it.