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If you’ve ever wandered the witch city streets during Haunted Happenings, you know the costume game can be next level. There are those who spend years perfecting their craft, and MrBones of Salem is one of them! I chatted with him via social media and he was kind enough to give me a little back story of the character and info on his costume. Check it out below and be sure to follow his adventures on Facebook here.

“I have always had a love for the holiday of Halloween since I was a child. From the beginning I loved decorating my yard and getting into costume to haunt on Halloween. I have had a long-time fascination with skulls and skeletons so why not become one for Halloween?! Going for the grim reaper “angel of death” style costume I added wings (which move), webs, fog machine and other props to make myself stand out. Year after year I would add more and more to it. People fell in love with my passion, dedication and work I put into my character and costume both. Since then I started winning costume contests and becoming well known. I couldn’t walk 5 feet without someone wanting to take a picture or talk to me.

Halloween morning for me involves a lot of planning because I put a lot of time year after year (8 years!) to surprise everyone. I wake up early around 7 am to prepare and I try to get to Essex street by 9 am, ready to go for the festivities of Haunted Happenings. My usual route is from Essex street to Derby street with many stops in between. There are so many events and things to do…bars, vendor tents, restaurants, contests, carnival rides and of course the witch trials!

It is always great to meet up with others along my route such as the witches from Salem Black Hat Society, the Salem Satan (free hugs), Frankenstein, Steve the vampire and many more! You have to come to Haunted Happenings in Salem for yourself to see and experience it.

In regards to costume setup and details, it took me a couple years but it is finally almost complete. The wings are articulating and made of PVC back plate with PVC 1 inch arms attached to pivots with heavy duty shoe laces for a pulley system. About 200 feathers cover the wings. The scythe staff prop and lantern (which lights up) is from Spirit Halloween and I added webbing and rope. The manila rope belt with skulls is also from Spirit Halloween and I painted and designed it myself with lighting strobes. The burlap pouch is for carrying candy for everyone! The fog effect that comes from the mask is a vape pen connected to a tube which is then blown through face mask. The gown, mask and arms are made up of black burlap with webbing.”

I hope this peek into MrBones of Salem’s world gives you a little inspiration to up your costume game this coming Halloween.  Enjoy!! <3

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things to do in salem, mrbones of salem

  1. hi mr bones
    i’m planing a trip to Salem for the frist time with my husband in october . we will be there october 19 to the 22 i hope to have a picture with u and the salem black hat and mr Satan. this would be my trip of a life time.

    1. MrBones is around Essex street a lot around Halloween so be sure to keep an eye for him. 🙂

  2. Is there a time and place where i can find u? gong the 18th of Oct

    1. MrBones is around the Essex street area in October. I’d reach out to him directly to see if you can get better time frames. 🙂

  3. i’m planning a trip with the tours combo Oct 17th. im booking our tours through trip advisor . my grandson turns 22 on Oct 18th so its kind of a trip come ture for me and a birthday celebration for him . he’s been beforew. so something on my bucket list i must do.

    1. I hope you have an amazing visit with your grandson!! Sounds like you have a wonderful trip lined up. You’ll love Salem. <3

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