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Checking out costumes in October is one of my favorite parts of hanging out in Salem. They range from basic all the way to professional cosplayer level and every step in between. There are a few spots around Salem you’ll likely find me perched with my camera, capturing pictures of the shenanigans for my website and social media. Today for the Friday Favorites I figured I’d share. 🙂

This sort of goes without saying, but everywhere you go in Salem around Halloween, you’re going to see costumes. These are places I like but are not the only spots to check it all out of course. Salem is crazy busy and people are naturally everywhere.

One spot I always enjoy sitting is on the stone benches bordering the little park across from the Peabody Essex Museum, where the Salem Trolley picks up. Last October while I was sitting there shooting pictures, a street musician with drums made of paint buckets set up shop and an entire dance party happened. A few girls dressed in tutus started it off and next thing you know, everyone was dancing to the drums. (See picture above.)

Another place you’ll probably run into me is on the benches at Lappin Park where the Elizabeth Montgomery statue is located. This is another favorite place of mine to people watch and check out costumes because it’s always busy at this intersection. Right up the road from the train station, it’s always hoppin’ with tourists who are dressed up, excited to be in Salem and having a good time.

If it’s cold, a window booth in Rockafellas is lovely. Not really the place for taking pictures if that’s your thing but just for hanging out, chowing down and watching the crowds from the inside, it’s awesome. I suggest their burgers, their sashimi appetizer if it’s on the menu and the buffalo chicken flatbread!

Last, if you’re on the other side of Salem closer to the wharf, I’d suggest the tables outside Jaho. It’s likely going to be busy during October, but if you’re able to grab one it’s a good vantage point. They also have delicious coffee and food inside!

What are your favorite spots around Salem to see the costumes? Feel free to comment below. <3