Salem’s Other Seasons – The guide


Plan your visit to Salem, MA during any time of the year.


things to do in salem, salems other seasons

**Please read ALL of the details below before purchase as there will be no refunds issued. Thank you! – Alyse

As of 02/18/2023 this digital guide has been updated for 2023!

First and foremost, thank you for your interest in supporting my work! My fall guide is always an incredibly popular item here on my website, which makes sense…of course everyone wants to come into Salem in October. However I see equal amounts of people asking about what there is to do during the other seasons. Salem has so much more to offer than just Halloween and October. This digital product, “Salem’s Other Seasons” is pretty much the inverse to my fall guide. It goes over travel information, events and more but this time around it’s for the winter, spring and summer in Salem.

things to do in salem, salems other seasons

“Salem’s Other Seasons” is broken down into the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • A note about seasonal hours in Salem
  • Salem in the Winter
    Intro note about the weather
    Winter city wide events in Salem
    Five things to do on a snowy day in Salem
  • Salem in the spring
    Intro note
    Spring city wide events in Salem
    How to sight see if you visit Salem before major attractions and tours are fully operating for the year.
  • Salem in the summer
    Intro note about the water
    Summer city wide events in Salem
    Ten ways to enjoy spooky vibes in the summer in Salem
  • Visiting Salem, MA in November
    A few quick notes about visiting Salem in November.
  • A thank you page which includes a discount code for 15% off a virtual/digital tarot reading with me.
  • A full copy of Countdown to Salem – The Workbook
    My workbook is aimed at helping you sort out all of the logistics of your trip in one place. It include the following sections:
    One: Where are you staying?
    Two: If you’re bringing the car
    Three: If you’re NOT bringing the car
    Four: Attractions
    Five: Time frames for tickets
    Six: What should you bring?
    Seven: Salem with the kids
    Eight: What if it rains?
    Nine: Just a bunch of Hocus Pocus
    Ten: Five things you should know about Salem

Please note, you can download JUST THE WORKBOOK by itself right here however purchasing this guide and workbook combo makes it cheaper. The workbook by itself is $10. This guide would normally be priced similarly to previous guides I have released, around the $20 price point. You are getting BOTH here in this bundle, plus a discount code for a tarot reading, for $25.

All together this product is 45 pages to help you plan the heck out of your trip.

Please note this is a digital download in PDF format which will be sent to you via email right after your purchase. This is NOT a physical product.

things to do in salem, salems other seasons

You will be able to download the file in two ways:

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If you have problems downloading, please contact me with FIVE (5) business days of your order and I’d be happy to send you a copy or help you through it. Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds granted, especially if you do not contact me within five days with any issues. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at or via the contact form here.

Enjoy!! I hope you have an amazing trip into Salem, there is truly no place like it. <3

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