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We all know those people who just embody Halloween. They live for everything spooky and macabre, celebrate all things creepy and fantastic. You might even be that person. Well, today on the blog I figured I’d write up a spooky gift giving guide to Salem. Check out the items below, support local businesses and score some unique, one of a kind pieces.  Enjoy!! <3

Clothing from Rock n Horror Apparel

I have worked with Rock n Horror before on a giveaway and they are two of the nicest people. Their clothes are a fantastically creepy and you’re sure to love it if that’s your style. Per their website:

“Mix one part Rockstar with one part Scream Queen in a cauldron and what you get is ROCK N HORROR!! Mark Hall is a rockstar/musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist and bassist.  A DJ, radio talk show host, model personal trainer and fashion designer. Lizzy Borden is a Scream Queen/B Horror movie actress, “Damsel In Distress” director, model, horror burlesque, feature dancer, pro-wrestler, radio talk show host and fashion designer.

Rock N Horror was formed when Mark and Lizzy met in October 2013, colliding both of their worlds together to form a fashion company that is influenced by rock and horror.  A power couple known for living a life of rock mixed with horror… Mark has been quoted to say “This is not just a fashion company, but a lifestyle.”

Books from FunDead Publications

FunDead Publication can regularly be seen around Salem, slinging books full of everything spooky and creepy. If you like to curl up in bed at night with some nightmare fuel in your hands, check them out. You can order right online or if you’re in Salem you can find them at Jolie Tea Co., Witch City Wicks, The Witch House and Wicked Good Books. Per their website:

“FunDead Publications is located in Salem, Massachusetts, a city which has provided endless inspiration to writers of every genre for hundreds of years. Established by Amber Newberry in late 2015, FunDead released its first collection, Shadows in Salem, in October of 2016. Since then, FunDead has published a Christmas anthology, O Horrid Night, and regularly posts new writers on their blog.

Devoted to providing a space for scribblers new to publishing, as well as veterans of independent and traditional means, Amber Newberry hopes to keep the age old art of story-telling alive and well in The Witch City.

With a love for horror, gothic fiction, and all things macabre, FunDead brings a little joy to those who prefer the dark side. Night in New Orleans is the first print release of 2017, to be followed by a Salem-inspired poetry collection in the summer, and a Halloween-themed sister anthology to Shadows in Salem for the fall.”

Unique items from The Gravestone Girls

The Gravestone Girls’ work is super unique and an awesome way to keep the dead alive. Per their website:

“We create decorative artwork using the beautiful and primitive images carved on olde New England gravestones; give lectures and tours on cemetery art, history and symbolism as well as teach gravestone rubbing classes! Our work aims to entertain and educate on the historical perspective of old cemeteries by documenting and preserving the beautiful art they contain.

To produce our three-dimensional art pieces, we perfected a casting technique which exactly replicates the original gravestone carving. The creations in our collection are derived from 17th-21st century gravestones found in cemeteries throughout the New England region. All our pieces are hand-formed and finished in a process we specifically developed. It’s important to note that no stones are ever harmed by our techniques—preservation is our primary concern!

Within these pages you will read a brief history of each piece including name of the person, death date, gravestone and cemetery location and information about the symbolism. With your purchase you will receive a handy history reference card you can keep with your new art piece.

We would be honored by the opportunity to develop a special commission piece of your families’ historic gravestone, present a lecture to an organization you are involved with or participate in another aspect of your local history! Feel free to inquire!

The Gravestone Girls endeavor to help preserve a rich folk art tradition unique to our nation. We hope you are intrigued our activities to investigate and expand on the special history which lives in everyone’s backyards.”

Now, you might be concerned about the safety of gravestone rubbings (as you should be!) and the ethics behind this. There is an entire section on their website dedicated to explaining their processes. Please keep in mind that gravestone rubbings are illegal in Salem so please do not try to do this if you’re visiting the Witch City. Doing so carries a pretty heavy fine and you also risk damaging a piece of Salem’s history in the process.

Unique items from The Cemeterrarium

To see the work that The Cemeterrarium does, I’d suggest heading over to their Instagram account. They make terrariums and jewelry inspired by New England graveyards. Per their website:

“All of The Cemeterrarium pieces are handmade by Laurie Moran. The tombstones are based on real monuments and then added to an upcycled necklace. These handcrafted pieces are one of a kind and make a truly unique accessory.”

Antiques from Salem, MA

Salem has a handful of antique stores, all full of unique finds. Taking the time to browse the tarnished jewelry, yellowed books and more might lead to some amazing scores. I personally am a fan of the bowl of skeleton keys that is at Pickering Wharf Antiques Gallery, located on the Pickering Wharf. There is something that I just love about old rusty skeleton keys that kicks my imagination into high gear. Who knows what else you might find? In a town as old as Salem, you never know.

Hopefully this list provided you with some creepy inspiration. Enjoy!! <3

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