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Hey everyone! Happy Monday and welcome back to the blog. Today we’re going to talk about a super highly searched topic here on my website – summerween. A few months ago a TikTok creator made a video showing clips of the fall here in Salem and labeled it “summerween” which caused a lot of (understandable) confusion. This creator has since made many more videos perpetuating this misinformation. I have gotten many emails, DM’s, Facebook messages and more from folks asking when that is and how they can find info on the summerween celebration shown in that TikTok video. Unfortunately there is no large summerween celebration here in Salem. The clips in the video were from the fall. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t come here and have your own summerween plans. So today on the blog we’re going to chat about exactly that.

Summerween in Salem, MA

First and foremost, grab your copy of Salem’s Other Seasons. This is my spring/summer/winter guide to Salem, MA and it is almost 50 pages of information to help you plan your trip.

Next, let’s chat about shopping. There are many stores in Salem that have immaculate vibes, perfect for some spooky summerween shopping. My favorites include BlackCraft, Nocturne, Black Veil Tattoo, Witch City Wicks, VampFangs and Coven Dark Boutique. Nocturne recently added a library room in the back of their shop which is absolutely gorgeous. A quick note about Black Veil Tattoo…they aren’t located in the immediate walkable downtown Salem area. You’ll probably want to drive or take an Uber to get there and back. While you’re in that area, be sure to stop at Proctor’s Ledge! Proctor’s Ledge is where historians have concluded that the Salem witch trails executions most likely happened. It’s not far from Black Veil and is worth a stop.

In between shopping, you’re likely going to want to grab some food. Salem unfortunately doesn’t have any themed restaurants but there are a few little spots along the way that have spooky or fun novelty items. The first one that comes to mind is the recently opened Funhouse Donuts on Derby street. Their donuts range from normal to spooky to horror and back in design. You could also grab a Salem themed drink at the bar at Rockafellas, which offers mixed drinks with names like “The Salem Witch” and “The Lady in Blue”. In addition to that, seasonally, Howling Wolf offers mixed drinks served in IV bags! You may be able to catch these in the late summer.

Salem has no shortage of walking tour options, many of which operate year round and offer a range of topics. Picking one focused around dark history, mysteries and murder or ghosts is a super easy way to add in summerween vibes to your visit. Just be sure to book directly with one of Salem’s local companies to ensure you’re getting the best history and supporting the city directly.

Last, but not least, if you’re looking for creepy summerween vibes for your accommodations, I’d look no further than the Hawthorne Hotel, the Salem Inn or the Merchant Inn. All three of these are allegedly very haunted. A few years back, someone in my Facebook group made a post saying they literally left the Salem Inn in the middle of the night because they were so freaked out. They left and found another hotel to stay in! If you are more interested in themed rooms than ghosts, The Cove might be for you. The Cove is a recently opened hotel on Bridge street and they have several themed rooms to choose from which include witchy rooms, circus rooms and more.

There ya have it! A few easy ways to add summerween vibes into your Salem visit. I hope this also cleared up the large amount of summerween misinformation that is circulating. Enjoy!! <3

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