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10 Things to do in Salem, MA on a rainy day

things to do in salem in the rain, salem ma in the rain

We have all been there. You pack up for a trip to somewhere new, crossing your fingers that the weather forecast is wrong but when you arrive, you find your destination soggy and grey.

Luckily Salem is gorgeous in any weather, but regardless of that there is still plenty to do in the witch city.
Today’s blog entry is a handful of fun activities you can do indoors during inclement weather. These are just my personal thoughts, hopefully you can take some inspiration from this list if you find yourself stuck in the rain.

1. The Peabody Essex Museum

The PEM is great, weather problems or not. They have multiple exhibits at once which are always very well done and right now they have a particularly awesome one going on with Kirk Hammett (<–the guitarist from Metallica). It’s call “It’s Alive! Classic Horror and Sci-Fi from the Kirk Hammett Collection” and it’s on display through November 26, 2017.  I strongly recommend it.
(PS – Want to see a handful of my pictures from this exhibit? The PEM was kind enough to ask me along on a tour and you can see those images here.)

2. Sip coffee at Jaho

This one is simple, but always relaxing in my opinion. Grab a comfy chair in the window and watch it come down. The picture above is from my Instagram and is a shot of right outside their door. Jaho offers everything from regular coffee and tea to sandwiches, snacks and creative caffeinated mixtures of their own. Bring a book or your laptop and chill a bit. Maybe the weather will pass while you read.

3. The House of the Seven Gables

This one is good in the rain but also has a few drawbacks in inclement weather, however I still wanted to include it. It works because you are (for the most part) inside the main home. You get to wander, see some amazing history and brave the staircase if you are okay with enclosed spaces. However, when going from house to house once the main tour is done you might get a little bit wet. You also miss out on sitting in their GORGEOUS gardens outside and taking in the view of the water. I also think their gift shop is lovely but I’ll let you make the call on this one yourself. 😛

4. Cinema Salem

This one should be obvious, right? Wander into the Museum Place Mall and catch a movie at Cinema Salem! Once you’re done I’d definitely suggest a stop into Jodi Bee Bakes for some delicious treats and coffee.

5. Cry Innocent: The People Versus Bridget Bishop

If you’re in Salem while Cry Innocent is showing I would absolutely suggest checking it out. It’s a reenactment of a 1600’s witch trial where you’re able to interact with the cast and decide as a jury member what you think should happen. Tickets are available in multiple locations around town.

6. Escape Room Salem

Inside the Museum Place Mall is one of the ever popular escape rooms. Check out the “Outbreak” themed room or “Dracula’s Tomb” and later in September they have a new one coming called “Spellcaster: The Wizard’s Book of Secrets”.
Pro tip: Escape Room has a Groupon available.

7. Bit Bar

Play retro video games, grab a bite to eat and have some drinks while you wait out the rain! Bit Bar also hosts events, so be sure to check out their website for trivia and more.

8. Visit one of Salem’s breweries or distillery

Salem is home to Notch Brewing, Far From the Tree Cider and Deacon Giles Distillery. They are each awesome in their own way, hold events and are well loved in the witch city.
Pro tip: The Salem Spirits Trolley will bring you to all three! Check out their website for tour info and tickets.

9. Stop into a New Age shop for a read

Salem is home to many psychics and tarot readers, so if you’re only waiting a bit for the storm to blow over consider getting your cards read. I know this one might not be for everyone, but there are plenty of folks who like the idea of a glimpse into the future. 😛 Be sure you feel comfortable with the shop and individual you have selected as you may not vibe with everyone.

10. Go bowling

Flatbread Salem has four newly opened candepin bowling lanes that are just waiting to be enjoyed. Have some pizza and a drink while you knock some pins down!

I hope this helps pass some time while the rain fades.  Do you have tips of your own for enjoying Salem in the rain? Tweet them to me @witchcityguide! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy!! <3


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