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Happy Saturday everyone! I get messages regularly via Instagram and emails asking about coming into Salem with children, so I figured today I’d cover some kid friendly activities. I have done posts in the past regarding this, like kid friendly activities in October 2017, but I wanted to do something more general that works most times of the year.

These are in no particular order and are just my two cents. This list is also not all inclusive, there are many other things to do in Salem with the kiddos. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  1. Hop onto the Salem Trolley
    The trolley is a great way to sight-see with kids because of a few reasons. First, you don’t have to walk or push a stroller. Second, you can use it as transportation through the day. Your ticket is good all day, allowing you to hop on and off their flag stops as you want. Lastly, you can visit multiple landmarks through the hour long tour leaving time for other activities you might want to include in your day.
  2. Candlepin Bowling at Flatbread Pizza Co. 
    Within the last six months Flatbread Company opened up candlepin bowling lanes inside their Salem location. Stop in for some delicious pizza for lunch and knock down some pins with the kiddos!
  3. Catch a showing of Cry Innocent: The People vs. Bridget Bishop
    Now, this one requires some discretion on your part, as the parents. Cry Innocent is a mock 1600’s witch trial where you as an audience member are part of the jury. This attraction would be best suited for older children (not toddlers) as it could potentially be a little scary for younger ones. It also lasts about 45 minutes, so little kids might have trouble sitting still for that long. Also, keep in mind Cry Innocent doesn’t run all year long. Check out their website for showtime info to see if it’s playing while you’re visiting.
  4. Swing by Wynott’s Wands
    GAH this is one of my favorite places to peek into as I walk by. Are the kids into Harry Potter?? Well, Wynott’s Wands is a remake of the wand store from the books. Believe me when I say, they nailed it. Absolutely worth checking out with the family.
  5. Take some pictures at Witch Pix
    Dress up like witches and wizards and have your picture taken with Witch Pix. They offer different backgrounds, props, costumes, etc. for everyone. Take some fun pictures to remember your tip into the witch city!! 🙂
  6. Visit the New England Pirate Museum
    Are the kids into Jack Sparrow? Love everything pirates? Swing by the Pirate Museum to learn and relive adventures of Captains Kidd and Blackbeard.
  7. Play some games at Bit Bar
    Now yes, this is a bar, so keep that in mind. However, it’s also an arcade and restaurant and accompanied minors are welcome before 8PM. After that, it’s 21+. So depending on how old the kiddos are exactly, this could be fun. 🙂 If they’re super young though, you might want to skip this one.
  8. Get your sugar fix at Ye Olde Pepper Companie
    Swing by to get your hands on their famous gibralters and blackjacks. They also have tons of other sweets to pick from and their set up is super cute.
  9. Tour the Friendship
    The Friendship is still away on repairs and maintenance, so you’ll need to check to see if she’s back, but going on a tour with the fam is a fun way to spend some time in Salem. You can read about the ship and updates on her return with the NPS here. If the kids are into the Pirate Museum and all things nautical, they may like this too.
  10. Wander the Salem Wax Museum
    This is an open style gallery featuring key figures and situations in Salem’s history. It also leads into an interactive area where you can learn knot tying and do some grace stone rubbings on recreated headstones from the old burying point cemetery.
  11. BONUS: Take a picture at the Elizabeth Montgomery/Bewitched statue
    I decided to throw this one in because it’s a quick stop and the girl is always having her picture taken. 😛 Once you’re done, the Gulu-Gulu cafe is right behind her and has delicious hot chocolate and hot apple cider if you need a break from walking or a warm up.

Enjoy!! <3 I hope this was helpful. Feel free to comment below with your own kid friendly recommendations.

  1. So awesome!!! Thank you!!

    1. My pleasure! Hope it helps. 😀

  2. Loved this!!! It helped a ton…

    1. So glad it was helpful!! 🙂

  3. Salem Kids Tours is a walking tour that I developed especially for kids and families. Thanks for the list, and welcome families!

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