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Resources for planning a trip into Salem, MA

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Two days ago I started a Facebook group for help and resources regarding planning a trip into Salem. This got me thinking that a blog post covering online resources could be a good idea, too. So here we are! Keep in mind this list is not all inclusive and these are just the ones that came to mind for me. There are certainly tons of ways to gather inFo to make your trip a success.

You had to know I was going to list my own website, right? 😛 The blog and calendar are updated daily as well as my social media, I offer a guide, and have my newly created Facebook group as mentioned above.

Next up, I always suggest Salem.org. They have a good calendar, a guide of their own and an interactive itinerary planning tool which is pretty neat!

Salem Main Streets has their hands in a ton of festivals that happen through the year in Salem and their website has good info. Check it out for local events, local business support and really good info for new residents! (<– Pro tip if you’re planning on moving into Salem any time soon. :P)

Social media is a big one and one of the best Facebook groups I have seen is the one run by MrBones of Salem. With tons of members, you’re sure to get answers to your questions promptly. They admins are very active and helpful.

This blog post wouldn’t be complete with a mention of Haunted Happenings website and publication. They are an awesome resource for your Halloween based activities and more.

Lastly, I wanted to mention Creative North Shore (Formerly Creative Salem). They work with many local businesses to throw awesome events and their website is a good resource.

Enjoy!! I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to comment below with your own favorite sites.

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