If you have a trip to Salem, MA on the calendar and are looking for some items to bring along, I have you covered. Today on the blog we have five Amazon.com purchases for your visit to Salem, MA. I got this idea from a blog post I wrote in 2018 called “10 ways to document your visit to Salem, MA” and basically decided to expand on it. Please note some of the following may be affiliate links.

A travel journal

If your visit to Salem is a “once in a lifetime” type of thing, you might want to bring along a travel journal. In it you can write everything you did each day, what you ate, your favorite parts so far, etc. It also makes a great spot to to store your ticket stubs, receipts and more. You can either just tuck them inside or even tape them to the pages.

External battery for your cell phone

If you’re someone who heavily uses your cell phone, this might be a good option to have in your bag. I carry mine often, especially when I am wandering city wide events because I know I’ll be snapping pictures, working on social media and more. The link above is the one I personally have and use.

A shadow box

Along the lines of the travel journal suggestion, this is a good option for keeping your Salem memories safe. Collect your ticket stubs, receipts, Polaroid-style pictures and more then hang it on your wall.

Fujifilm Instax mini

If you want to capture some memories old school, this Instax camera is a great idea. You can also use some of these prints in the above mentioned shadow box!

Snap on cell phone camera lens

I mentioned this item in my 2020 update of the most Instagrammable places in Salem and wanted to include it here too. Having a snap on lens for your phone can up your picture game significantly and allow you capture memories in a more dynamic way.

I hope this helped and hope you have an amazing visit into Salem. Feel free to tag me in your pictures on social media, I love seeing what you guys all get up to. Enjoy!! <3

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