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You guys have been sending me tons and tons of emails and DMs on Instagram lately asking this very question – Should I cancel my Salem, MA vacation because of the Coronavirus? Today on the blog I wanted to offer some information to help you make informed decisions around that.

First, no one can answer that for you.

First thing’s first (and this is the beginning of every reply I send)…no one can answer that for you. It comes down to many variables and factors, how our society bounces back from this, state and local legislation and more. It depends on how long quarantine winds up going for. It depends on your personal health and the health of the loves ones vacationing with you. It depends on when your trip is planned for. No one can really answer this for you right now.

Second, it depends on when your visit is planned for.

If you have a trip planned for the fall or the end of this year, I’d probably wait for now because you have wiggle room to see how this all goes.

If your trip is planned within the next eight weeks-ish, then I’d suggest looking into the cancellation policies for your visit.

Massachusetts is going to be under quarantine until sometime in May at least. It is not safe to travel here right now.

Third, reach out to companies you have made purchases from.

Last, look to the companies you have made purchases from. The hotels might be able to work with you. Tour companies, transportation companies, airlines, etc. are all working to put policies in place. They are the party you should reach out to for this info. I do not have the specific info for how they are all handling cancellations and refunds. Those types of questions should be directed to the appropriate company involved.

Is Haunted Happenings still going to take place?

I hope so. I’d be so very, very heartbroken if it was not possible.

Be flexible if you don’t cancel for now

Be prepared for plans and things to change at the drop of a hat. New information becomes available every day and this is not a simple answer or straight forward thing.

Additional resources for you…

Good luck and stay safe everyone. <3

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