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Today on the blog I have a quick round up style post for you of links, resources and information to help you plan your trip to Salem, MA. Round up posts are a good way for me to gather information together into one place for you. I hope this is helpful!

Workbook + Guide

Countdown to Salem – The workbook

As of March 2020 my workbook has been entirely revamped!! It is a 24 paged full color workbook to help you sort out the logistics of your visit. In it you’ll find common questions addressed and topics such as what to do if it rains, coming to Salem with kids, the Hocus Pocus filming locations, parking in Salem and more.

Things to do in Salem – The Guide

The fall 2020 guide will be available in August and covers event info for September, October and November. Also contained in the guide are expanded tips and tricks, resources, a business directory, map of Salem and more.

Get social and connect with me

Things to do in Salem – The FB Group

Join in! Ask questions, share resources and interact with those who have been to Salem or are also planning a trip. Request to join by clicking the button under the banner and I’ll add you.

30 minute phone consultation

Set up a one on one call with me and get all of your questions answered. This consultation comes with a free copy of my guide to Salem when it becomes available this fall.

A first timer’s guide to planning a trip to Salem, MA

Tons of information and blog posts, all organized in one place for you. Check it out right here.

Outside resources

The following businesses and organizations in Salem are great resources as well.

I hope this round up helped!! Have a great visit, feel free to tag me in your images on social media and enjoy!! <3

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things to do in salem,

  1. If you are going to visit in October- bring a blanket to get off your feet and crash in the Commons for a while. It’s the only place you won’t be shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of your closest friends! And be patient and polite. You won’t get into everything, it’s ok. Take in what you can, it’s all great!

    1. Those are all great tips! Especially the one about being patient and polite, the city gets so busy and kindness is important. <3

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