things to do in salem, three things you can do right now to support salem's economy

I know we are all so overwhelmed hearing about this, talking about this, etc. It’s a lot, I know. However, we need to speak up now to help Salem’s businesses that are going to potentially take a hit due to the Coronavirus. On Friday I posted links to information and ways you can make informed decisions about travel in Salem. Today I want to share three things you can do right now that can help Salem bounce back from this once it blows over.

Hit Instagram

Matt, who we all love and know as @purelysalem was kind enough to gather a TON of gift cards to Salem’s businesses. Head over to his account, give him a follow and enter to win each time he posts. When the coast is clear, head into that business and enjoy! Super easy. Spend over the gift card amount if you can and if it’s a restaurant, tip well!

Enjoy curb side eats

Instead of dining in, order curb side and pick it up. Alternatively many of Salem’s restaurants use partners like DoorDash which is another option if you can’t leave.

I’d also advise keeping an eye on social media – some restaurants are offering bundles for ease of ordering. Bambolina just posted on Facebook their curb side menu which offers several options that feed a family of four. Each day the menu is different. Check it out here.


If you aren’t familiar with Behind You, it’s an organization that offers emergency funds to restaurant workers. They are currently opening up donations that are being matched 100% up to $20,000. Click here to read more about it and donate if you possibly can.

One final link

I am going to share the blog post written by Creative North Shore one more time here, it has great suggestions on how to support Salem and stay calm during this chaos.

I hope this info helps. Stay safe everyone and enjoy!! <3

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