things to do in salem, ten ways to recharge yourself in salem ma

We all need a break sometimes, right? Self care is such an important thing in the chaotic times we live in, so for today on the blog I figured I’d share ten ways to relax and reset. Salem offers an amazing array of options, and these are only a few. There are certainly more beyond this, so feel free to share your favorites in the comments. <3

Sip some tea at Jolie Tea Co.
Offering single cups, pots, flights, high tea and more, you’re sure to find some peace in this beautiful shop. They also carry about a trillion blends, so you definitely won’t have an issue finding one you like. The staff is knowledgeable and happy to help you pick if you aren’t sure. If you want a little preview of the shop and what they do, click here to read about them as part of my business spotlight series.

Om it out at The Salty Buddha
The Salty Buddha is a yoga studio that has the prettiest light and vibe to it. I had the pleasure of stopping in and taking some pictures for my spotlight series here as well so click HERE to check them out.

Hop onto the Salem Trolley
Wait for a gorgeous day and pop onto the trolley when they have the windows open. Even if you’re already familiar with Salem and the history of the city, it is still absolutely lovely and peaceful.

Check out Aroma Sanctum
Browse their selection of fragrances and find one that helps bring you happiness. They also offer custom blends and essential oils which could be great to carry on you for when you need some calm. Aroma therapy can be a very powerful tool to have in your kit.

Have your tarot cards read
This isn’t for everyone, but if tarot and divination vibe with you then consider one of Salem’s readers. There are plenty to choose from, so be sure to find one you’re comfortable with. Having some affirmation from a reader might be what you need to relax and roll with the flow.

Get some new ink
Tattoos are therapeutic for some (*raises hand*) so maybe some new ink could be in the cards? Salem has a handful of studios within walking or driving distance as well as a few in neighboring towns. Be sure you’re comfortable with the artist and studio before committing.

Refresh your hair with Moon Baby Hair & Wares 
Moon Baby is home to amazing stylists and colorists as well as unique, vintage goods. Stop in for a cut or color and browse the unique finds in the back of the shop before you go! Moon Baby has also been featured in my spotlight series, so feel free to click HERE to read about and see the shop.

Hang out in the Salem Common
They say being out in nature changes your brain waves, so maybe a walk around the Common will help you recharge! Go for a stroll, meditate a bit in a shaded area or just read a book and take some time to yourself.

Go on a walking tour or walking workshop with Now Age
Learn new things, take a stroll and maybe make some new friends! Now Age has options for everyone, including flower workshops, healing herbs, tarot and more.

Visit the Peabody Essex Museum
Wander the art and have some quiet time of reflection OR visit their Playtime exhibit (runs through May 6, 2018) and recharge by playing in a room full of balloons. Indulge the little kid inside of you! Which is more your style? 😛

Feel free to share your favorites below. <3