things to do in salem ma with your coven

Round up the group, grab the broom sticks and lets go!! 😛 Today on the blog I decided to list five things you could do with your witchy friends or coven members. These activities aren’t specific to new age practitioners, but could be extra fun in that capacity. So without further delay…five things to do with your coven in Salem, MA.

Pick out a new wand

Wynott’s Wands is a lovely little spot right in the center of downtown Salem. It looks like Ollivander’s from Harry Potter and carries gorgeous, handmade wands. Regardless of the design you’re looking for, they have all types.

Go on a walk or tour with Now Age Travel

Now Age organizes all types of tours and walking workshops which cover topics such as crystals, tarot, herbs, feminism and more. Wander historic Salem and learn new stuff along the way. What could be better on a lovely spring or summer day?

Visit the Salem Common for some time in the grass

Chill in the gorgeous Salem Common, chat with the group, meditate…whatever strikes your fancy. It’s a nice spot to relax after wandering or maybe have some snacks.


This one should be obvious. Salem is home to many New Age shops, so you definitely have your pick. Grab some new books, new crystals, herbs and more. Some of my favorite shops to wander are Pyramid Books and Artemisia Botanicals.

Take a more lighthearted approach

Maybe you want to take a more lighthearted angle to your visit with the coven? Well, you could head over to Witch Pix and dress up like Hollywood witches for a fun photo shoot. I had the pleasure of doing just that last month and you can see my full review of Witch Pix here. You could also grab a map and check out the filming locations for the cult classic Hocus Pocus. Many of them were in Salem, and I have a list of those locations for you right here.

What are some of your favorites? Have you come into Salem with your coven before? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! Enjoy!! <3

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