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Salem has no shortage of walking tours and new ones are popping up all of the time it seems. I often see people post in my Facebook group asking about how to pick one, so today on the blog I have a few steps for you to make an educated decision.

First, the obvious…

No two people are the same. We could be beside one another on the same tour and each walk away with a completely different opinion and experience. That is largely the point of this blog post – it’s a matter of opinion. However there are a few things you can do to narrow it down.

Are you with the kiddos?

The first thing I’d consider is the family. Do you have little ones with you? If so, some of the more “adult” or scary tours might be a bit much or too long. Salem does have a few options for kid friendly tours or ones that are aimed specifically at a younger crowd. I’d start with checking out Salem Kids Tours which is designed just for that.

Next, narrow it down.

Salem offers walking tours that come from all different angles. Some of the ones you will likely see are…

  • Food tours
  • Spooky/ghost/scary tours
  • History focused tours
  • Tours focused on the metaphysical
  • Shopping tours

I would consider which type of tour you’re into and narrow it down from there. This will give you a good place to start and help eliminate the ones you aren’t into.

A note about the scary ones

“Scary” is subjective, of course. Your best bet in trying to get a gauge on this is to read reviews online. You should also keep in mind that no tour can actually promise that there will be ghosts and apparitions as there is no way to control something like that.

Be sure to check operating hours

Some tours are seasonal, others adjust depending on the time of year. Before planning your trip around a tour make sure you check out the hours of operation for that specific one. I’d also suggest booking early, especially in the fall.

Do you need some extra help planning?

I offer a workbook that will help you plan the logistics of your trip to Salem!! To check that out and read about all of the topics it covers, click here.

things to do in salem, plan your visit to salem ma

Now, what should you pack?

First and foremost, wear comfortable shoes. This applies to your visit to Salem in general – you’re going to be on your feet for the most part so keep that in mind. You may also want the following items to compliment your walking tour experience…

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera with film

Selfie stick, extendable selfie stick tripod with wireless remote and more.

Xenvo Pro lens kit, Macro and wide angle lens with LED light and case

I hope this information helps!! Feel free to comment below with your own thoughts and which tours you have been on. Enjoy!! <3

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things to do in salem, how to pick a walking tour in salem ma