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Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. I’m sure some of you have noticed I am doing things a little differently around here these days. As of last week I have reworked how I post and what that content schedule looks like. Stay tuned as I roll out changes and updates to everything I do and thanks as always for being here with me for all of the Salem good times.

Today I wanted to revisit or update a blog post I wrote back in 2017 called “Halloween in Salem, MA” where I covered some information on visiting Salem in October. I am going to reread what I wrote and add some updates now that we are in 2020.

Before we start…

Before we start, click here to read the original blog post.

The first thing I would add…

The first thing I would add into this original post is a mention of parking. I do touch on it briefly but I’d have put in an entire section for it, honestly. Parking in Salem can be a challenge and that goes 100x over for October and the fall. The city does have a few lots and garages plus on street parking in a few areas. There are also a few hotels that offer parking to their guests. If you’d like to read more about bringing the car into Salem, check out the following links.

I know this blog post is about October, but…

I know this blog post is about October, but visiting off season is also lovely. This includes coming in September or November. I see this question pop up in my Facebook group a lot and am always happy to encourage people to come early or late fall. To read more about that, check out the following.

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Visiting the witch city with kiddos

Bringing the whole family or the kiddos into Salem is certainly another common theme that I see in my emails and DM’s. It’s totally doable to come into the witch city with a larger group, it just comes down to how comfortable the younger ones are with scary themes and crowds and a little planning.

The weather

New England weather does pretty much whatever it pleases, at any point in time. There have been Halloween seasons where I barely needed and coat and others where I was freezing cold. Planning for weather is a big one and if I were to go back to that 2017 post I would definitely include a section that.

Some misc. info for your visit

A little bit of this, a little of that. The following links are also here to help you plan some logistics and are miscellaneous in content.

And for the planners in the group

If you’re a little “Type A” like I am, the following links will help you plan your trip out from start to finish.

The elephant in the room

The huge question on everyone’s mind right now and the elephant in the room is of course…the coronavirus. Right now we don’t know what Haunted Happenings 2020 is going to look like. There will be something going on but it’ll likely look different than what we’re used to. Stay tuned for updates here as well as with the state of Massachusetts’ official websites.

A first timer’s guide

If you want more reading and information, be sure to check out my first timer’s guide right here.

I hope these updates helped!! This blog post combined with the one from 2017 is a good resource to answer tons of your questions. Enjoy!! <3

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