things to do in salem, safety tips for halloween in salem ma

First, let me say, I have never felt unsafe in Salem during Haunted Happenings. *knocks on wood* There has never been a time where I was worried for my safety. Police are always out in force doing an amazing job overseeing the crowds. However, there are a few general tips you should keep in mind, so today on the blog I am going to outline a few of them for those of you who have never visited and are concerned.

Don’t use a weapon as part of your costume
Real or fake, the police will likely take it away from you.

Watch your alcohol consumption
During Halloween in Salem, the fines for public intoxication are steeply increased, so be aware. That is also a general good safety trip for traveling anyways…if you’re somewhere unfamiliar you should be safe and keep drinking to a reasonable level.

Stay off of private property
Wandering onto lawns, doorsteps, etc. of people’s homes is not a good idea. Be mindful of private property and respectful.

Don’t liter
It’s a sad sight every year so see nipper bottles in people’s planters and empty coffee cups on the brick streets. Don’t be that person. Fines for littering are sharply increased as well so you can wind up owing a few hundred dollars to the city for that.

Keep your eyes open for street closures
On Halloween night many streets are closed to vehicles, so if you’re driving, keep your eyes open. Watch for pedestrians and road closure signs.

Travel light
Large bags are subject to search and are also going to be annoying to lug around all night in the crowds, so I’d suggest traveling light.

If you enter a public building, bank or anything along those lines, you will likely be asked to remove your face mask if you’re wearing one. This is just for everyone’s safety.

Remember where you parked
If you drove into Salem, remember where you parked!! I had some friends experience this first hand a few years back. When they went to leave the city they couldn’t remember where the car was and all they could say was “it looked like a school?”. Needless to say, they spent the next few hours wandering, trying to retrace their steps.

Have fun everyone! Be safe, considerate and practice common sense and you’ll be just fine. <3