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This has become a common question that I receive via email or DM on Instagram and I have seen it pop up a few times in my Facebook group as well, so I wanted to take some time today to write out some info for you all.

What is the weather like in Salem? What should I wear for the weather in Salem?

If you want the abbreviated version, or the short and sweet it would look like this: New England weather does what it wants, bring layers and options.

Now to get into some more detail for you…


There have been winters where I was fine with just my coat and others where I was googling “symptoms of hypothermia” in all seriousness from being out and about. BRING LAYERS AND OPTIONS. If you’re staying in Salem, keep those options nearby in the hotel so you can grab them or leave it in the car if you drove. I suggest wearing a heavy coat and putting a hat and gloves in the pockets so you have that available. Winter boots in snow and slush are a must unless you want wet socks and shoes. Scarves are good as well to protect your face if the winds are strong, Salem is on the water so sometimes it gets breezy.


Again, bring options. I’d suggest having a heavier coat or hoodie with you or available to you and know that it does rain a lot in New England in the spring. It would be wise to have an umbrella on hand just in case or in the car. With the comment of rain it also might be smart to have boots that are waterproof or something that can get wet and not soak through to your socks.


New England summers can get pretty humid and hot, so keep the clothing light and breathable. Short, tank tops, dresses, etc. are all good ideas. I would also suggest having some sunscreen on hand to keep your skin safe. I’ve definitely gotten a little sunburned being out and about in Salem on hot days.

Be sure to drink lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated or carry around a water bottle to refill as you go. Last year over the fourth of July weekend it was SO HOT and I wasn’t paying enough attention to water. I got so dehydrated that I almost blacked out on the lawn of the Emerson Inn in Rockport. True story.


Ah, everyone’s favorite. The fall can be chilly for sure, so layers are again going to be crucial. I’d bring a hoodie and a heavier coat so you can go back and forth with what you need, again keeping it nearby in the hotel or car. Long sleeve options, warmer leggings (possibly fleece lined) or jeans, warmer socks and good shoes of course. Having layers of warmth will be key.

Check the forecast often

Weather can change at the drop of a hat over here so keep an eye as you get close to your trip. Even the day before you leave and the day of, keep watch and see if anything changed on you.

If you find yourself needing something in Salem

If you find yourself in the city and need to grab something warmer, I’d suggest stopping into Coon’s Cards and Gifts or The Trolley Depot. In both places you can find hoodies, hats, scarves, etc. You can also check out the Army Barracks for a heavy coat if needed or heavier boots. All three of these places are close to one another so if you go between them all you should be able to find what you need to bundle up.


I’ve said this one before and I’ll say it again…bring appropriate shoes! A lot of the streets are old bricks or stones, uneven and some of them pushed out of place by roots, etc. Wear shoes that are comfortable and won’t hurt your feet.

Good luck, be safe, stay warm and enjoy!! <3

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things to do in salem, what is the weather like in salem, what should I wear to salem