I love being able to publish content that helps people plan a good trip into Salem, content that helps people avoid common issues and navigate the city successfully. Today I figured we could touch on some basics, some really easy ones. So here we go…five things you should pack when going into Salem.

  1. A Camera
    This one should be obvious. Salem is gorgeous and there are many landmarks and historic locations that just beg to be captured. I even wrote a blog post a few months back on some of the most Instagrammable locations in Salem! A cell phone camera will do just fine, but you’re definitely going to want to snap some photos.
  2. Cash
    There are still a small number of shops in Salem that are cash only, believe it or not. There are also others that ask a minimum purchase amount before a credit card can be used, so having some cash is a good idea.
  3. A loose itinerary or plan of where you’re going and tickets
    This will just make things easier and eliminate walking in circles. This pertains in particular to October where crowds are at a peak and the city has hundreds of thousands of visitors. I also suggest purchasing or booking tickets and time slots to the attractions you want to visit ahead of time wherever possible. This will ensure you’re able to see everything you want to. 🙂
  4. Layers
    New England weather is notoriously unpredictable. There have been fall seasons in Salem where I was walking around in jeans and a long sleeved shirt just fine and others where I was bundled like the kid in A Christmas Story, unable to put my arms down. I highly recommend bringing or dressing in layers, just to make sure you don’t turn into a human popsicle or roast in the summer sun.
  5. Comfortable shoes
    I can’t stress this one enough. Salem is a walking city and the bricks under your feet have been there for a really, really long time. They are uneven, spaced at different heights and have gaps between them. You’re going to be on your feet a lot and on uneven terrain, so sneakers are a good idea. I really can’t imagine walking around Salem in heels or uncomfortable shoes for any length of time before becoming miserable.

So there you have it!! Do you have suggestions of your own? Feel free to comment below to share your tips and tricks. Enjoy!! <3