things to do in salem, top five instagrammable places in salem ma

Let’s be real for a second…all of Salem is worthy of Instagram. There are so many quaint side roads, uneven brick streets, light posts with string lights, historic houses, art displays and creativity…I could go on and on. So if anyone reading this thinks this is an all inclusive list, please understand these are just a handful of my favorites and the ones you regularly see being photographed. If you are planning to visit, be sure to being your camera as well as your phone because there is so much to capture.

The images below are ones I took with my cell phone, not my actual camera so you can get an idea of how it looks that way.

The Samantha Statue/Bewitched Statue

To begin with…you can’t walk past the Samantha statue without seeing people taking pictures of it, any time of day or night. The girl gets her picture taken constantly. She’s an easy landmark to spot and right now she is decked out for the holiday season with a ornament and mistletoe in her hand.

The Witch House

things to do in salem, top instagrammable places in salem ma

If you’re walking down Essex street and aren’t sure if you have reached The Witch House yet or have accidentally walked by it…just look for the groups of people almost in the street taking pictures. As the only structure still standing in Salem with direct ties to the witch trials, people like to pay it a visit. The whole place has a weird vibe, if you ask me, right down to the grey/black colored siding. I love it!

Historic Salem Homes

things to do in salem, top instagrammable places in salem ma

things to do in salem, top instagrammable places in salem ma

Salem boasts many houses that date back centuries, and all you need to do is wander any of the historic side streets or take a stroll into the McIntire District to get a glimpse. Historic Salem has documented hundreds of homes and put plaques on them to ID the time frame they are from and the original owner. Their database can be found here and is searchable if you’re looking for more info on any particular one.

Punto Urban Art Museum – Dodge Street mural

things to do in salem, top instagrammable places in salem ma

The Punto Urban Art Museum is a collection of multiple displays that are all a fantastic pop of color around Salem, but this one is my favorite. Located on Dodge Street in the area behind Walgreen’s, it always catches my eye. I am not sure if it’s the colors used or what, but I always take a picture of it, even when I have done so many times before. Be sure to check it out and also follow the Punto Urban Art Museum on Instagram as well as the North Shore Community Development Coalition on Instagram to see more of what they do.

The Ropes Mansion

things to do in salem, top instagrammable places in salem ma

This building is owned by the Peabody Essex Museum and it’s nestled right down from The Witch House on Essex Street. During certain times of the year you can take a self guided tour, the gardens behind the house are gorgeous when the weather is nice and it was Allison’s house in the movie Hocus Pocus. Many people pay it a visit to snap IG worthy pictures of the front side, giving a nod to a classic movie. To see the rest of the Salem locations used in Hocus Pocus, click here.

Have you visited Salem? What are some of your favorite spots to snap Instagram pictures? Feel free to share in the comments below. Enjoy!! <3

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