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A few weeks back I had a follower DM me on Instagram, asking about logistics of picking her Halloween costume for her trip to Salem. She had a pretty intense costume in mind and wanted to know a few things about how it would work for Salem. This got me thinking and I decided to pop a few suggestions onto the blog today. Feel free to comment below with your own!

The first area of consideration, in my opinion should be basic logistics. Are there too many parts to walk around comfortably with? Will you have no free hands due to holding props? Are you going to be able to get into restaurants, crowds, doorways, etc. without taking people’s eyes out? Can you eat, drink and use the restroom as needed without a huge inconvenience?

Next, I’d strongly suggest keeping in mind the weather. There is nothing worse than freezing your booty off on a cold autumn night because your costume doesn’t have a jacket or layers to it. New England weather is notorious for doing whatever it wants, so at least carry some layers or options with you to leave in the car should you need it. There have been years where I thought I was going to turn into an ice cube, and years where I didn’t have a coat on at all and was fine. Plan accordingly.

Tied into weather but sort of its own beast is comfort. Salem is largely a walking city, so if your costume requires spiked heels that go to your knees, you may want to reconsider. The streets are uneven and you’re going to be on your feet a lot so wear something that allows for comfort.

Along the lines of comfort and logistics is your belongings. You’re likely going to need to carry some basics on your person, such as a cell phone, keys, wallet or credit cards and cash. So I’d suggest considering a costume that has an inside pocket or somewhere to store those items for ease of access and safety.

Lastly, consider if the costume you’re going for is something you could DIY to save some money. If you’re already tight on funds to make it into the witch city, think about making something out of items you already have or creating something from scratch. Big box Halloween stores are great, but can get pricey for pre-assembled costumes.

If you want some inspiration that runs the whole range of basic to complex, check out my Halloween costume ideas board on Pinterest.

I hope his is helpful, feel free to comment below with your own ideas. Enjoy!! <3

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