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Visiting Salem is an amazing experience and for some people, a once in a lifetime shot. The witch city sees tourists from all over the world! Today on the blog I wanted to share some ideas for documenting your trip and keeping the memories safe so you can look back over it any time you want. Feel free to comment below with your own suggestions!

Use a map

Buy or print a map of Salem and use markers to trace your routes. Mark or star the attractions you visit and write notes about your favorites in the margins. This map can then either be simply stored away or even framed, if you wanted to!

Complete my photo challenge

Did you know I created a Salem based photo challenge? Wander the witch city on an adventure with friends and document landmarks at the same time. Be sure to use the hashtags specified in the blog post about it so we can all see your images!

Use Instagram

Use social media to share and document your trip! Create a specific hashtag for your friends and family to search so they can see as well. Be sure tag your friends and the businesses you’re in as well! A lot of Salem locals and business owners will interact with you if you do.

Go old school with a paper journal

Buy a journal or notebook from a local gift shop and write daily about what you did, where you ate, what you saw, etc. Tape or glue in your receipts, ticket stubs and more as little reminders of the fun times you had.

Create a scrap book

Once you’re home, collect your notes, printed photos, receipts, ticket stubs, etc. and put together a scrap book of your visit. In this digital age we live in, a physical book of your memories can be a lovely thing to have.

Use the backside of post cards from around Salem

Many gift shops have post cards for purchase with a variety of images from around the city. Buy a few as you go along, write on the backs of them like a journal and put them all together once you’re home. You could even put them into a photo album!

Start a collection of items

Many people have collections of favorite items from traveling, so why not start one in Salem? The witch city has many local shops to buy magnets, shot glasses, key chains, hoodies, coins and more, so make a point to grab an item of your choosing from each one.

Get a tattoo in Salem

This one isn’t for the faint of heart! Salem is home to a handful of tattoo parlors…why not get some new ink to commemorate your trip? Be sure to do appropriate research first on the shop as well as the artist and make safe, informed decisions.

Put it on the walls

Consider purchasing a shadow box to store the keepsake items from your trip in, then hang it up! Shadow boxes are a cute and fun way to store and display memories.

Pin, pin, pin

This one falls sort of in the same category as the Instagram suggestion, but I still wanted to include it. Start a Pinterest board of your pictures and create a sort of digital scrap book of your trip. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to keep the Salem vibes up all year long.

I hope some of these ideas were helpful and I hope you have an awesome trip into Salem. 🙂 Be sure to tag me and follow along with me on social media, I’d love to see pictures of your visit. Enjoy!! <3

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