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Traveling into Salem can be quite easy when you plan ahead and do a little homework. Today’s blog post is all about travel tips for coming into the witch city! If you’re looking for some things to do while you’re en route…I’ve got you covered.
Hopefully this is helpful and feel free to comment below with your own tips and tricks if you have any. 🙂

First off…if you’re in Salem around Halloween and land a parking spot, don’t move your car. Keep up with the rates in the lot and don’t leave unless you really need to because odds are, several people are probably circling the lot ready to park.

Second, I’d suggest having an idea of other parking options. If you get to the area you were wanting to park in and find it full, have a few back ups in mind and a general idea of their location. This will ensure you’re not driving in circles with your fingers crossed.

This is just good travel advice in general, but have cash and credit cards available. I have used the meters in Salem’s lots before to find it not reading one of my cards for unknown reason or not taking a bill because it’s wrinkled. I’d have a few options ready so you’re able to feed the meter and avoid tickets. This pertains to toll roads as well. The Mass Pike has removed the booths and is now pay by plate or E-Zpass, but I can’t speak for the other states. You very well may need cash for toll roads so be prepared if you’re driving in from a distance.

If you took the train into Salem, I’d suggest having a copy of the schedule on you or saved on your phone. Around Halloween, runs may be adjusted so check in often with the MBTA. Arrive within a reasonable time frame of the departure and expect crowded cars.

Last, be aware of road closures on and around Halloween. Parades, Halloween festivities, fairs and more can mean traffic is being rerouted, so be aware and have alternate roads in mind. Keep your eyes open for pedestrians as well, Salem’s streets get very busy with tourists.

My final bonus tip is to check for announcements from the City of Salem. For example, last year they announced a brand new shuttle service to satellite parking areas in the city. I don’t know if they’re going to be doing this again in 2018, but if they do I’ll share the info. Keep your eyes peeled on the city’s social media channels.

Have fun! Safe travels and I hope you have an amazing trip.