things to do in salem, five reasons to visit salem ma in october

Salem is boomin’ during the autumn months, especially October. Visiting the witch city on or around Halloween is on many bucket lists for good reason! There is no place like Salem, particularly in the fall. As if you needed any more reasons…today on the blog we have five reasons to visit Salem during October. Feel free to comment below with your own!

People watching & costumes
Hanging around Salem, people watching and taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do. Around Halloween everyone is in costume and in such good spirits…the whole vibe of the city is amazing. If you are like me and enjoy just taking it all in, then visiting during peak season in the fall is the right time for you.

Extra events and happenings
Salem always has something going on, however in October the calendars are extra full. The city throws Haunted Happenings events and small businesses hold ones, too. You can definitely find something to do!

Halloween central
If you’re a fan of Halloween, then Salem is an obvious pick.  Stop in for the creepy vibes, the costumes, parties and more.

Shop local
During October the city holds the annual Haunted Biz Baz Faire as well as the Essex Street Fair. This is in addition to all of the hyper local shops you’ll find in downtown Salem. Local business as well as the fairs are a great opportunity to support local vendors, snag something neat for yourself or get a jump on holiday shopping.

Fall in New England
There is nothing like fall in New England. Seriously. I am originally from the west coast and I can tell you first hand that the leaves turning bright colors and the crisp air is exactly what the soul needs. What better place to experience that than Salem?

What are your favorite reasons to visit Salem in the fall? Enjoy!! <3