I have said it before but I’ll say it again here – if you’re planning on staying in Salem in October or in the fall in general, book the hotel room first. It might feel silly making the reservation six or eight months out or even a year out but believe me, it’s necessary. This will ensure that you get a room and also lock in a rate that isn’t insane. Right now any available rooms are going at a premium…I’ve seen all of the way up to $500 a night! So if you find yourself looking for last minute lodging, here are a few tips for you. Bear in mind these aren’t a guarantee, but it’s at least a place to start.

Check the Booking.com tool on my website

I am an affiliate for many travel sites like Booking.com, TripAdvisor and Travelocity. I have a Booking.com tool on the main index page of my website that updates in real time showing availability and sales on lodging in Salem. If you are looking the day of your trip and see a room shown in there, grab it. That means there is a room open. It might not be on sale and might cost a pretty penny but it’s open.

booking a last minute hotel room in salem ma in october


Call the hotel directly and ask about cancellations

If you have a certain hotel in mind that you’d like to stay in, give them a call. They might have cancellations they’re trying to fill that happened same day. You never know, you might luck out! Click here for a list of accommodations in Salem and corresponding contact information. You might also ask if they have a wait list or call list while you have them on the phone, just in case they’re keeping a log in case of openings.

Follow the hotel on social media and sign up for their newsletter

Just earlier today the Stepping Stone Inn posted on Facebook that they had a cancellation that falls right over Halloween day. Follow the hotels you’re checking out on Facebook, Instagram and hop onto their newsletter list if they have one. You never know when a room might pop up.

Sign up for alerts with travel websites

If you have a certain site you like to book travel through, see if they have an option to send you alerts when rooms open up. Having that pop into your email in real time might help you land a hotel.

Act fast

If you do see a room become available and you want it – book right then. The opening might go quickly so don’t delay.

Consider staying over a week day instead of a weekend

You’re way more likely to find an opening during the week than a weekend in October. Being flexible with your dates can help a lot in this way.

I hope this helps! If you’ve landed a room last minute in Salem in the past and have tips, feel free to comment below and share them. Enjoy!! <3

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