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Today’s blog post is a little random, you guys. However, I wanted to talk about a few things in Salem that sometimes are overlooked, places that are definitely worth a glance in my opinion, etc. If you have visited Salem before, you may have noticed these things and this might not be new info to you, but I wanted to chat about it anyways. For those who have yet to visit the witch city, hopefully this helps.

Punto Urban Art Museum

Salem is home to tons of street art, one of the biggest collections being the Punto Urban Art Museum. Many tourists or first time visitors don’t travel much off the beaten path (for understandable reasons) and might miss it! To get an overview of the work on display, click here.

The gardens behind the Ropes Mansion

Locals and seasoned visitors know this, but I see it overlooked often. Most people are seen taking pictures of the front of the mansion because it’s a Hocus Pocus filming location (Allison’s house!) and don’t walk around to the back side of it. There is a little book library (free to swap) under an arbor and a gorgeous garden area behind (pictured above). Check it out!

Tibet Arts & Healing

I don’t know if I just have weird timing when I go by this shop or what, but it seems like I rarely see people going in and out. I seriously love this place…they have super unique finds and the whole vibe of the store is so calm. I love the shrines you can leave offerings on inside and it’s a neat place to find gifts. Or just treat yourself! 😛

The ‘Wares’ part of Moon Baby Hair and Wares

Yes, this is a hair salon, however around the salon and online you can find unique vintage items! The inventory is always changing so be sure to keep an eye because it is all so, so neat. Also, make sure to stop into Witch City Wicks right next door when you’re done for some yummy smelling candles, too!

Salem’s maritime history

Salem has deep ties to the water and its maritime history goes way, way back. You can enjoy and learn more about this in many ways, including going out on the water, exploring the Friendship of Salem or stopping into the Maritime NPS building on the wharf. If you do want to head out onto the water, I’d strongly recommend the Schooner Fame. I’ve been out on their boat a few times now and it has been amazing every single time.

Do you have tips or suggestions of your own? Feel free to comment below and share. Enjoy!! <3

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