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YOU MADE IT! You’re in the witch city with your loved ones, ready to get the trip started off right. What should you do first? Today on the blog I have five ways for you to kick off your visit to Salem, MA.

Hop the Trolley

I have mentioned the Salem Trolley about a billion times here on my blog but it’s because I really do love it. I think it’s a fantastic way to get an overview of the city, mentally plot out points of interest and do a little sight seeing all at once. Don’t forget to hang on to your ticket once you’re done because it’s good for the entire day. You can use it to hop on and off at the Trolley’s flag stop locations.

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Did you download my workbook or purchase my fall guide? If so, pull them up on your phone and give it a scan for some inspo. You could also stop into the many Salem, MA businesses that offer the Haunted Happenings fall guide once they are printed and grab one of those.

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Take some Instagram worthy pictures

Are you a social media fan? If you need a new profile pic or some content for your Instagram account then you are in luck. Salem is gorgeous and there are tons of spots to snap some photos. If you need a little help, feel free to check out the following links:

Join in on a walking tour

Salem is home to many, many walking tour companies. There is pretty much something for everyone and every taste so you are sure to find one that appeals to you. Check out some of the options available to you by clicking right here. This is also a great way to get your bearings and figure out a little bit of how Salem is laid out.

Celebrate with a drink

If the weather is nice and the Roof is open (which is atop the Hotel Salem) then grab a drink and catch some views at the same time. You could also pay a visit to Deacon Giles Distillery, Far From the Tree Cider or Notch Brewing for some local spirits. They are all located in the witch city.

*Bonus: Grab your costume

Did you come into Salem during October but forget your costume?? Grab some items from around the witch city to put something together last minute. You can read my suggestions for throwing something together right here.

I hope this gives you some ideas for kicking off your trip. Have fun, feel free to tag me in your pictures and enjoy!! <3

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things to do in salem, salem ma hotels

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