When I was writing the blog post about my first trip into Salem, I mentioned that it didn’t even occur to my then boyfriend and I to wear costumes when we visited for Halloween. I’m not sure why, but it never entered our minds! Considering Salem is pretty much the Halloween capital, we should have been prepared! We wound up buying some last minute props at the train station in Rockport where we were staying so we had at least something to throw together. This made me consider a blog post covering a few places directly in Salem where you can buy some props or odds and ends if you find yourself in the same boat as I did all those years back. So here we go!

The Magic Parlor

This place is pretty much 1/2 witchy & new age supplies and 1/2 gag gifts, odds and ends and random bits. In the first section of the store to the right when you enter though they have a large collection of masks, hats and more. If you wanted to grab an accessory or two or possibly a masquerade mask for the night, this would be a good place to check out. Seasonally they also offer face painting right outside their door in addition to prosthetics like fake fangs and horns.


CVS is almost right across the street from the Magic Parlor. They have costumes and props, as most stores do in the seasonal section, though you’ll have to be quick because it gets picked over fast.

The Army Barracks

The Army Barracks is at the top of Essex and Washington, on the corner and they have tons of randoms. You could consider an outfit of army fatigues, or a hat and goggles paired with a scientists jacket. They have all different accessories and you could probably pull something together from their racks.

Wynott’s Wands and Remember Salem

These two shops are located right next to one another and if you wanted to throw together a wizard or witch outfit, these are your go-tos. Wynott’s is a wand shop and Remember Salem carries tons of Harry Potter gifts and accessories. Go from one to the next to dress yourself as a Quiddich player from your favorite house or as a student of Hogwarts.

Grace and Diggs

This shop is located in Artists’ Row and in addition to home decor they have a large collection of funky hats. Grabbing one of those with some over sized sunglasses from The Magic Parlor could be a quick and quirky option if you find yourself without.

Good luck and enjoy!! <3

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