things to do in salem, the one salem ma attraction i recommend every time

Yup – there is one Salem, MA attraction that I recommend every. single. time. someone asks me for suggestions. This applies to my Facebook group, in my DMs on Instagram, emails and more. So which one is it?

The Salem Trolley.


Why do I always suggest the Trolley? For a few reasons. First, it’s a great way to get an idea of the layout of Salem. The Trolley basically completes two loops during the tour which takes about an hour. One loop brings you down by the wharf, past the House of the Seven Gables, to Dead Horse Beach and back. The other brings you by The Witch House, around the McIntire District and through the other end of the witch city.

Hop on board once you arrive in Salem and make note of the attractions you go by that you’d like to explore more later. Also keep an eye on how one attraction relates to another in terms of distance. You can save yourself some walking by being aware of Salem’s general layout. Also be sure to hang onto your ticket because it’s good for hopping on and off through the day, valid only the day of purchase. You just need to be at one of the Trolley’s flag stop locations.

Next, I love the Trolley because I always learn something new. Listening to the guide narrate the tour and explain all of the landmarks always illuminates something for me that I wasn’t aware of or hadn’t realized before. As much as I am in and around Salem I always make a point to hop on board once or twice a year and I usually leave with a new fun fact or tidbit.

The Trolley is a great way to sight see very efficiently, is kid friendly and is a nice rest for your feet if you’re tired.

A quick note

A final note I have for you is to be aware of seasonal changes. The Trolley is used through the fall in collaboration with other attractions so schedule changes and spikes in ticket sales are to be expected. I’d suggest getting to the Trolley early in the day upon arriving in Salem.

I hope this info was helpful and hope you have a great visit to Salem. The Trolley can be found online at Enjoy!! <3

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things to do in salem, how to visit salem ma

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things to do in salem, the one salem ma attraction i recommend every time