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A common topic that comes up in my Facebook group (especially as we get close to the fall) is about picking a hotel in Salem. There are certainly many hotels, bed & breakfasts, inns, etc. to choose from! So what are some things you might consider? Here are a few of my notes on the matter.

Finding a hotel for your Halloween visit

Book early!! Omg, I have said it 90,000 times by now but I’ll say it again. Book early. I’d strongly suggest signing up for newsletters, following hotels and places you’re considering booking on social media, etc. and noting when they open up reservations. If you want to come into Salem for Halloween 2019, be sure you know when you’re able to reserve your room for those dates and jump on it as soon as you can. Don’t wait until last minute!

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Location, location

If you are unsure of which place to choose, consider location and proximity to which attractions are “must see” for you. Get a map of Salem or use Google Maps and find the hotel you’re considering. Now, map out where the attractions you’re over the moon about are. Is it a hike from one side of Salem to the other? Are they close? A lot of Salem is very walkable, but if you want to be close to the things that are at the top of your lists, use a map to get an overview of the city.

Are you bringing the car?

Will you be bringing your car into Salem? If so, check out the parking situation of the hotels you’re considering. Do they have a free lot you can use? Are they close by to a garage or lot? Do they validate parking? This might be a deciding factor for you so make sure you know ahead of time what you’re signing up for.

Fur babies

Do you have four legged best friends coming with you? Many places in Salem are super pet-friendly, including a few hotels!! If you need a place to stay that will allow you to bring your fur babies, be sure to pay close attention to those policies and make decisions based on that factor.

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Large groups

Are you coming with all of the family or all of your best friends? Consider the size of the hotel you’re looking at. Smaller B&B style places will have less available space for big groups, so maybe go for larger hotels in that situation. I’d suggest calling ahead if you’re a super big group to talk directly with the place you’re considering. Some might have rooms that connect with doors in between, larger suites, cots you can use, etc.

Hopefully this helped!! Feel free to leave comments below with your own suggestions. Enjoy!! <3


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things to do in salem, how to choose your hotel in salem ma, salem ma hotels