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Hi everyone, happy Monday and welcome back to the blog.

So back in the day I used to do these “Welcome to Salem” style posts and feature a single business. However, since so much has changed (especially since COVID-19) I am now going to be combining them into round up style posts like this. Even in a pandemic, business continues to grow and Salem’s own needs support in these trying times. Especially those who have newly opened their doors! The following are some newcomers to the witch city over the last six months. Be sure to stop in to welcome them into our city and tell them I sent you!

Odd Meter Coffee

60 Washington St. is the new home of Odd Meter Coffee here in Salem. According to their social media they are “a cozy, vibrant little spot where we can celebrate our fellow humans and make delicious coffee.”

Coven Beauty Company

Coven Beauty Company joined us towards the end of last year and they’re down on the Wharf. Per their Facebook page “Coven Beauty Company is a must see for tourists and locals, offering our modern twist of Salem’s charm, apparel, accessories, SFX makeup, jewelry, ritual tools, candles, gifts and more!”

Wolf Next Door Coffee

Another new coffee shop here in Salem is Wolf Next Door Coffee. Per their website “You might know Diane Wolf, the owner, as half of the team behind the Lobster Shanty in Derby Square, along with her husband Lee. She was also part of the crew that opened the Ugly Mug Diner back in 2014. Though she isn’t at the Mug anymore, it’s still dear to her heart. Wolf Next Door aims to be your everyday place as you get fuel for your commute, grab a cup after work or swing by on your lunch break. We hope to start off simple and grow to be what the community needs.”

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Jenni Stuart Jewelry

I don’t know about you guys but I love seeing Jenni Stuart Jewelry’s newest creations on Instagram, her work is gorgeous. According to her website: “Fine jewelry should be accessible to everyone – without the mystery, the wheeling and dealing, the mass production, or the shady sourcing of materials. Everyone deserves a little luxury every day, without breaking the bank or compromising your values. We don’t just know our jewelers, we ARE the jewelers. By cutting out the middlemen, our designs go directly from the bench to your hands. This keeps costs low and gives us complete control over sourcing and materials. We’re committed to the highest caliber of craftsmanship and ethical practices, making sure you know exactly what you’re getting (and that it’s the best).”

Sweet Boba

This information comes to us via the Salem Food Digest on Facebook. It looks like Sweet Boba will be joining us shortly over on Derby street where the old Dunkin Donuts used to be. According to the Salem Food Digest, “A Sweet Boba Bubble Tea Shop will be opening up in the old Dunkin’s spot at 282 Derby Street. We do not know the timeline.”

Nautical Nutrition

Nautical Nutrition recently opened their doors at 10 Jefferson Ave. and according to their social media they specialize in “healthy shakes, energizing teas and positive vibes”.

So there you have it! I know others are shortly moving in and (sadly) others have left the witch city. This list is certainly not all inclusive however this is a little summary of six new places you can happily support soon or even right now. I’ll be sure to do round up posts like this again the future to keep everyone updated on some of Salem’s newest. Enjoy!! <3

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