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Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog. With everything going on in the world right now I know tons of people are looking for outside activities and socially distant things to do in Salem, MA. Today for this blog post I wanted to cover ten options for you! This list is certainly not all inclusive, however it’s a good starting place to get the ideas flowing so you can come up with things to do that will also keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible.

Please note there are still many travel restrictions in place and if you’re visiting us from out of state, they may apply to you. Be sure to do your research ahead of time so you understand all of the requirements.

So here we go. First as foremost we have one of my personal favorites…

The Salem’s So Sweet Festival

The Salem’s So Sweet Festival is so much fun, you guys. I absolutely love walking around and taking pictures of all of the ice sculptures for my websites and social media. The ice sculptures are a great way for you to enjoy some socially distant fun in Salem. It’s outside, of course, and you can spend the morning walking around the city seeing them all, keeping space from everyone else.

To read all of the details of this year’s festival, click here.

The Schooner Fame

I know the Fame isn’t sailing yet, as it’s currently January as I write this. However once they are back on the water for the season I highly recommend hopping aboard. Capacity is limited and you’re out and in the open air on the water, enjoying unique views of the city from a safe distance.

The Punto Urban art museum

Have you ever noticed all of the amazing street art in Salem? It’s absolutely fantastic and I definitely suggest wandering The Punto Urban art museum to check it all out. It’s a safe way to see the amazing work decorating Salem’s buildings, get some steps in and take some neat pictures for social media.

Walk the Heritage Trail

Have you ever noticed the red line on the ground around Salem? That is called the Heritage Trail and it’ll take you on a walk around Salem to some historic landmarks and attractions. Grab some good walking shoes and your mask and check it out!

Outdoor dining options

Indoor dining in Salem is restricted right now and cold weather makes outdoor dining a challenge. When it warms up a bit here in New England I’d suggest options such as Far From the tree Cider which has an outdoor picnic table set up, Brodie’s Seaport, Rockafellas and The Roof which is located atop the Hotel Salem. In the meanwhile, please do order take out from Salem’s restaurants to help support them through the colder months.

Pioneer Village

When the weather allows for it and it’s open for tourists again in the spring, check out Pioneer Village. “Built in 1930 to mark the tercentennial of Massachusetts, Pioneer Village is America’s first living history museum. The village sits on three acres of land and contains various examples of colonial architecture: dugouts, wigwams, thatched roof cottages, and the Governor’s Faire House. Culinary and medicinal gardens and a blacksmith shop further interpret early 17th-century colonial life.” [Source]

It’s also one of the filming locations for the movie Hocus Pocus! If you’re looking for a list of all locations, click here.

The Salem Willows and Arcade

The Salem Willows offers an arcade, food, outdoor recreation and waterfront views which would all make for good socially distant options, especially with kids. To keep up to date on when it’s all open for the season and COVID-19 info, click here.

Walking tours

Salem is home to tons of walking tours. There is something to suit most tastes and many tours have updated their operations to allow for COVID-19 safety protocols. To see a list of walking tours in Salem, click here. Walking tours could be a good way to be outside, socially distant and enjoy some history all at once.

Takeout food

I know I mentioned this in the section covering outdoor dining, however I wanted to mention it again. Ordering take out from your favorite Salem restaurants is crucial right now! Right now through the cold months, many places are feeling the pinch. If you want to ensure they are open and operating once COVID-19 has slowed down be sure to order take out now. Order takeout and enjoy it on a bench in the Common or on a bench near the Bewitched statue. You could also take it back to your hotel or Airbnb and set up a little indoor date night.

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It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus

Some of the items and places mentioned above (Pioneer Village, the Salem Common) are filming locations for the cult classic and fan favorite, Hocus Pocus. Why not make an adventure out of it and go on a walk to spot all of the filming locations in Salem? If you need a list, I have you covered right here.

So there you have it!! Ten outdoor, socially distant options in Salem, MA. Some are dependent on the season and weather, some you can do literally today. I hope this helps give you some ideas and get you started on helping support Salem and its businesses during this challenging time. Be safe, keep up to date with travel restrictions and wear your masks, everyone. Enjoy!! <3

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