things to do in salem, plan your 2021 visit to salem ma

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Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog!! I am super excited to begin posting content again after my short holiday break over the last two weeks. It was a much needed recharge. I figured we’d kick off January with talking about planning your 2021 visit to Salem, MA. Many people are planning on focusing on travel in 2021 once it’s safe to do so. Today on the blog I have a few pointers for you to consider.

Hotels in Salem, MA

First and foremost, we need to talk about hotels in Salem, MA. The COVID-19 pandemic meant that tons of people had to cancel their 2020 visit into Salem so believe me…2021 is going to be a busy one. If you’re planning on rescheduling for then as well (especially fall visits), book your hotel first thing. Rooms will be going quickly once the Coronavirus is under control.

If you want to visit Salem but aren’t keen on the fall crowds, is actually running a promotion just for you. If you book a stay that falls between January 5, 2021 and March 31, 2021 you can score up to 20% off. Click that link to be directed right to the information needed on this promotion.

I do need to mention that there are still travel restrictions in place, so be sure to do your research and preparation. This is to keep yourself as well as Salem’s residents safe.

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Call ahead

Unfortunately, some of Salem’s businesses had to close their doors in 2020 due to the pandemic. If there is a certain attraction or business you had your heart set on, call ahead. This is to ensure that you’re making informed plans and that they are operating.

This also means you might need to have a “plan B” option lined up. Be flexible in your 2021 travel because things in the witch city have definitely been changing at a rapid pace.

Book fall tickets early, too

If you’re wanting to visit Salem in the fall of 2021 and score tickets to bigger city events, grab those early as well. An example of this would be the Hawthorne Hotel’s Halloween ball. If travel into Salem is safe by then, those tickets will go fast for sure.

Look for flexibility

When making reservations or working with a travel agent, look for packages that offer flexibility. We don’t know exactly what things are going to look like heading into 2021 or how long COVID-19 will be impacting the globe. Find packages or attractions that offer cancellation or rebooking options.

Need help planning?

I offer a workbook that is available for instant digital download to help you plan!! Check out “Countdown to Salem – The Workbook” at the banner below.

things to do in salem, plan your visit to salem ma

Prepare for crowds

Once the Coronavirus is under control, travel is going to be insane, you guys. I am a partner of many travel websites such as TripAdvisor, Travelocity, Airbnb, and more. They are all reporting (based on surveys) that most Americans are planning to focus heavily on travel in 2021 once it’s safe to do so. This means popular tourist destinations (such as Salem, of course) are going to likely be super busy once everything is safe. Prepare for crowds, especially later in the year.

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Urban or outdoor?

“According to an October survey from Vrbo, the home-rental company, 82 percent of United States families already have travel plans for 2021. Sixty-five percent plan on traveling more than they did before Covid; 61 percent will likely choose outdoorsy destinations over urban ones.” – The NY Times

Which are you planning for? Salem certainly offers both. The lists below are a few suggestions to get you in the right direction, however they are certainly not all inclusive.


  • The Roof atop the Hotel Salem
  • The Salem Trolley
  • The Punto Urban Art Museum


  • The Schooner Fame
  • The Salem Willows
  • The House of the Seven Gables gardens and grounds

Driving versus flying

It has also been projected that most people who travel in 2021 are going to opt for driving versus flying. We will be seeing more people taking road trips because of anxiety about airports and crowds. If you are in this group, the following links regarding driving into Salem are for you.

As a reminder

As a quick reminder before I sign off here…be sure to keep up to date with travel information, restrictions, COVID-19 updates and more before you visit Salem or anywhere else in 2021. This is certainly not behind us yet though I remain hopeful for the future. Enjoy!! <3

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things to do in salem, plan your 2021 visit to salem ma