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Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to the blog. For today’s post I wanted to chat about gluten free options in Salem, MA. I see this question come up a lot in my Facebook group so I figured I’d give you five options here today.

Before we begin, I have a quick disclaimer. Be sure to do your own research. Talk to the restaurants you’re considering visiting ahead of time, tell your server, do your own homework on this. I am giving you a few options here but that does not guarantee anything. Most places cam accommodate gluten free requests but that does not mean they have a gluten free kitchen. Please note this list is, of course, not all inclusive. There are other options in Salem and most places, as I just mentioned, can work around a gluten allergy. Please also note this information is current as of the publish date of this blog. Things may change between now and your visit, so again…do your homework ahead of time.

Gluten free Salem, MA

  • Flying Saucer Pizza Co.
    The first option that came to mind is Flying Saucer Pizza Co. They have gluten free crust options and their food is super yummy.
  • Spitfire Tacos
    According to their menu, any of their tacos can be made gluten free.
  • Jodi Bee Bakes
    This bakery has tons of gluten free options as well as vegan and vegetarian options. Be aware they do close early some days so check out their hours ahead of time.
  • Life Alive
    Life Alive has tons of yummy options and can accommodate gluten free requests.
  • Finz
    If you want to enjoy seafood while you’re on the water, Finz has options for you. Their menu has gluten free items marked with a certain symbol so you know what you can order safely.

I hope this helped give you some ideas and a starting place for gluten free food options in Salem, MA. Have fun and enjoy!

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