Hey everyone, happy Monday and welcome back to the blog. Today we are revisiting a topic I have covered a few times here on my website and we are updating it for 2023. Salem is full of so many gorgeous spots, you’re bound to grab your phone to snap photos at many points during your visit. It’s hard to narrow it down, but here we go! The following is my (updated) list of the most Instagrammable places in Salem. Please note this list is (of course) not all inclusive and may include affiliate links.

The most Instagrammable places in Salem, MA

Black Veil Tattoo

The inside of Black Veil is nothing short of breathtaking. The décor is phenomenal and even if you aren’t getting any ink while you’re here, I promise you that stopping in is 100000% worth it. Please note that Black Veil is not within the immediate walkable downtown area in Salem. It might be easier to Uber or hop into the rental car if you have one. Again, it’s worth it.

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Blackcraft Cult

Blackcraft moved into Salem within the last year or so and took over the space where Santander Bank used to be. They painted the entire inside black, lit the old bank vaults up with lights and added a massive witch on a broom that is suspended from the dome ceiling. It’s super Instagrammable and a must visit just to check it out.

The Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple and Art Gallery is Salem is a whole mood and vibe. I know this one might not be for everyone (and please remember to be respectful), but if you’re open minded to it, it’s definitely worth it. The building used to be a funeral home and has been converted into The Satanic Temple’s headquarters. It is painted grey black, houses a massive Baphomet statue and is filled with amazing photo ops.

The orange lights on the Common

The orange lights on the Common are an absolute delight to see, every single year. The city lights them up beginning in the fall and it makes me smile every single time. They are a leftover from when Hubie Halloween was filmed here and it really just marks the wonderful fall season here in Salem to me.

Daniels House

The Daniels House is a b&b here in Salem and it’s also my favorite front door in the entire city. The red against the black is stunning and I have taken photos in front of it with my clients many, many times. Looking to stay at the Daniels House? Click here for availability or click here to browse hotels in and around Salem.

Again, this list is not all inclusive but these are a few of my favorites, updated for 2023. What are yours?

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I hope that helps! Have fun and enjoy!! <3

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