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Good morning everyone, happy Monday and welcome back. Today on the blog I have a review of my most recent experience at Witch Pix here in Salem. I stopped in to check out all of the new updates Witch Pix has incorporated, chat with Hope Hitchcock (the owner) and have some photos taken, of course. So come along with me as I check it all out.

Witch Pix Salem, MA : A review

First and foremost, what exactly is Witch Pix? In Hope Hitchcock’s own words, “Our primary mission is to be an entertaining experience for visitors on vacation. We are a costume photo studio where dressing up and role playing is an important part of the experience. We are here to help you get out of your norm and try a new persona for just a bit. Our photography sets are intended to be creative play spaces with dynamic photography opportunities.”

Witch Pix is an award winning portrait photo studio and popular tourist destination located in downtown Salem, MA and I had the pleasure of stopping in for a shoot. There are several sets to choose from, including a new one called “Burying Point”, which we will get to shortly. You select your set when you book your appointment and they take care of everything through the three main “components” to a shoot. First, they style you and get you dressed. Inside Witch Pix is a large wall with hundreds of outfit options ranging in all different styles, shapes, colors and more. During this portion of the appointment they help you select an outfit and accessories and get you dressed. A quick note regarding this – all of the outfits go on over your regular clothes and tie in the back. I would strongly suggest showing up wearing clothes to accommodate this and comfortably navigate various levels of modesty. I was wearing black leggings and had a fitted black spaghetti strap tank top on under my shirt so I could easily wear the costumes over the leggings and tank top. There isn’t a dressing room in the traditional sense, so planning ahead of time will help with this portion of the experience. Please also note that Witch Pix doesn’t provide a makeup artist or hair stylist and does not have the space for such services to occur, so plan to have that done ahead of time before you show up, if this is something you want. Witch Pix does, however, have a line of lipsticks and other miscellaneous cosmetics items available for purchase while you’re there. I also suggest showing up wearing sensible footwear. Most of the photographs won’t include your feet, so comfort is best. Lastly, yes, you can absolutely show up for your shoot wearing your Halloween costume. Witch Pix can accommodate this with advanced notice so please include that detail when you book your shoot.

Once you’re styled and dressed, it’s time for the shoot which is the second component to the booking. Many of you guys know that I am a professional photographer myself, so when I say that Bruce (the photographer who did my photos) was amazing, you know I mean it. He truly did an excellent job guiding me as we went through a variety of poses and positions. He was very good at giving extremely specific posing instructions which helped me understand what he was going for with the images.

Speaking of sets, Witch Pix has upped their entire game with the sets since the last time I stopped in for photos, several years ago. You now have several options available to you which include “Burying Point”, “Witch Cottage” and “Olde Salem Village”. Coming soon (fall 2023) is “Magick Broom” which is a fun greenscreen option with multiple packages available to fit your vibe.

Burying Point is the newest and is a nod to Salem’s ties to trade and the sea. It encompasses two themes, a moonlit cemetery by the sea and a Salem shipyard at night. Salem was once one of the most significant sea port in Puritan American history and this set will allow you to channel your inner pirate.

(Hope and I, channeling our inner pirates!) 

The next set available to you is Witch Cottage. Witch Cottage features an apothecary bookcase, potions, spell books, a magic mirror and an altar for all of your spells and rituals. The first picture at the top of this blog post features yours truly in front of the Witch Cottage set up. Some of my favorite photos from my shoot came from this set and I have to say, I think it’s my personal favorite.

The third and final option is Olde Salem Village which is Witch Pix’s largest set. The theme of this set is fall of 1692 and the townspeople of Olde Salem Village have been whispering of witchcraft from the mysterious dwellers who lurk in the last cottage on the right. This set features a large tree, a cast iron cauldron and a 1400 square foot cottage. The options for staging and posing in this area are vast. Please note this is the only set available for parties of six or more.


Once you’re done with the shoot, the third and final component to your experience is the photo reveal. While you’re changing back into your normal clothes, Witch Pix is quickly processing your images into a variety of options for you. This includes the regular color version, black and white, sepia tone and an enhanced color version. These are all delivered to you in digital format before you leave, with the option of adding on physical prints, frames, photobooks and other souvenirs from your shoot.

Walk-in bookings are welcomed, however, I strongly recommend booking your session at Witch Pix ahead of time. This becomes even more important as we approach the fall. October availability goes fast and there are a limited number of photoshoot slots available each day, so securing it ahead of time is wise. You also have the option of booking a private session, which is 60-75 minutes in length and includes the creative freedom to move between all of the sets, instead of selecting just one for your shoot. It’s a more customized experience that allows you to reserve the entire studio for you or for your whole group. Please note that any groups over 9 are considered a private session and require this option to be booked.

Now that you have gotten a behind the scenes look at each set and what the Witch Pix experience is like, what about Hope? Who is the head witch that is behind this very popular attraction? In her own words…

“Hope’s early career building was in travel & hospitality management at travel agencies and technology companies. Hope left corporate America, to pursue personal independence with small business development. In multiple cases she has intertwined operational technology with world class customer service. Hope applies creative solutions to expand and revamp brands, systems and overall customer experience. In 2016, our local photo shop left the old-time vintage world behind to pursue the strength and vibe of the Witch City by focusing on witch costumes and witch themed photo sets. These costumes and sets take cues from pop-culture and history alike to create a true photo shoot experience that leaves visitors thrilled. Investments and reinvestments have been paramount to the evolving sophistication of photography experiences offered at Witch Pix. Witch Pix and the team are always keeping balance in mind, looking for ways to delicately blend role-play, theatrics, fashion, glamor and the occasional witch kitsch to make fabulous photographic memories.”

When speaking with Hope after the fact I asked her about her favorite part of running a business in Salem and her answer both surprised me and made me smile. Hope said her favorite thing is opening the door to the studio, sweeping the bricks in front of it and flipping the “open” sign in the morning. She said it is a quiet, peaceful and grounding moment in each day…a reminder of the human aspect of what Witch Pix does. They are just simply sharing their craft.

I appreciate Hope and the Witch Pix team so much for welcoming me in again for a shoot. It has been several years since the last and seeing all of the updates, experiencing the new sets, chatting with Hope and getting new photos done was truly a pleasure. You can book your own session by heading to Be sure to tell them I sent you. Have fun!