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I know I have covered many tours, gone over Salem in one day, pet friendly Salem, Instagrammable places in Salem and more…however today on the blog we’re going to talk about a witchy tour of Salem. What do I mean by a witchy tour? By that I mean hitting my personal favorite local new age shops, all in a row as you go through the pedestrian areas.

As I explained once before on a Friday Favorites blog post, I am going to use the term “new age” to cover all shops that offer everything metaphysical; shops that sell new age supplies, cater to a Pagan, Wiccan and Witchcraft based audience. All locations listed might not subscribe to that label and might also sell items to those outside of those groups as well, but for simplicity’s sake we’re going to go with this wording.

Start here…

Because Samantha makes such a good landmark, we’ll use her as a starting point. The Samantha/Bewitched statue is located at the intersections of Essex street and Washington street, in front of Lappin Park.

Walking down Essex street with Samantha behind us, we begin our journey. Walking just a few feet down the brick street, on the right hand side before the newly opened Hotel Salem, you’ll find The Magic Parlor. When you first enter it, you’re going to see tons of jewelry, gag gifts and masks but if you go into the back of the shop, there is a nice area dedicated to everything new age. I think their selection of incense is really good, they have lots of decks of tarot cards and books. I have purchased many bags of incense sticks from The Magic Parlor as well as other goods and have always been pleased.

Our next stop isn’t that much further down on Essex, and it’s The Coven’s Cottage which is going to be on the left hand side. Their items, in my opinion, are a little pricey but the inside of the shop is absolutely gorgeous. Twine wrapped sigils hang in the windows, bundles of herbs soon to be made into incense or bundled hang from the ceiling upside down, hand made products with their labels scrawled out on parchment line shelves. The Coven’s Cottage is your typical witchy aesthetic shop and has all of those “witch cabin in the woods” vibes that look so pretty and old school.

If you exit The Coven’s Cottage and continue down Essex until you reach the intersection where The Hawthorne Hotel is located, you’ll be facing Hawthorne Boulevard. To the right of the Hawthorne Hotel, you’ll find Artemisia Botanicals tucked into its spot on the walkway. My favorite part about Artemisia Botanicals is the herbs, hands down. Their selection is MASSIVE and is apothecary style. This means you can wander the rows of shelves that are lined with jars of dried herbs, take your selections to the scale table to the side and measure out what you need. This is then marked with a code from the label (for identification) and you pay at the register. There are so many herbs and the prices are more than fair. As someone who blends loose incense, I have purchased hundreds of dollars of herbs from this shop over the years. They do have other goods too, of course, but their herbs are what bring me in time and time again.

Exit Artemisia once you’re done and go left, heading down towards the wharf. Once you’ve reached the next intersection where you’re facing the Salem Waterfront Hotel, go left. Continue down until you reach Pyramid Books on the left side of the street, almost across from Jaho Coffee. Inside Pyramid Books, you’ll find tons of gorgeous stones. Their gemstone collection is massive and goes from traditional tumbled to large rough pieces that look like they came right from the ground. The prices are fair and the energy is good. I also like their jewelry and have purchased many pieces from Pyramid that I still own to this day. Their tarot collection is nice as well and I like that they have a display that allows you to shuffle through open decks before purchase to make sure it jives with you. Other shops do this as well, but I seem to be particularly fond of the collection there.

Last, I have to say that a stop in to Witch Way Gifts is always worth it. To get there from Pyramid Books, exit the shop and go left then continue down past the wharf. Witch Way Gifts will be on your right, just past it. Now…Witch Way isn’t really a new age shop but they do have some witchy stuff inside and I mention it because their collection of blown glass “witch balls” is amazing. They range in size and color and I can attest to their quality. I have one hanging in my apartment that has been up for years and the color is still true and throws gorgeous light around the place.

Keep in mind this list isn’t all inclusive…Salem is home to many more new age shops than this and they each bring something different and unique to the table. Which ones are your favorites? Feel free to comment below. Enjoy!! <3

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