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I am tempted to just write “Do iiiiit, Salem is the best” and leave it at that. However, I am assuming you clicked on this link for some legit thoughts. 😛 I fell in love with Salem the very first time I visited, and since then it has always been my happy place. I felt a connection right from the beginning and I know many who share my experience in that. There is honestly no place like this strange little city on the north shore.

Everyone is going to have their own thoughts and opinions, their own reasons for being drawn to Salem. Today on the blog are a few of my reasons. A few of the things I think makes Salem stand out from the crowd so much.

The first thing that I love about the witch city is the welcoming energy. Salem is incredibly LGBTQIA+ friendly and accepting of all walks of life. It is also a sanctuary city. While that was a bit of a hot button issue, it still signifies that the city is a place that embraces diversity.

Next is one of the best parts, if you ask me: There is almost always something going on. There are festivals every season, local events hosted by Salem business owners all the time and new things being added to the calendars daily. The fall is the most busy time of year for obvious reasons, but even if you come in the middle of the winter you can still find something to do. A perfect example of this is the upcoming Salem’s So Sweet festival! Right in the middle of frigid winter but still awesome. (Psst!! Stay tuned to my social media for coverage and blog for images of the festival.)

Another reason that Salem is so great is the proximity to…everything. In the main downtown area, there are hundreds of restaurants, businesses and attractions all within walking distance of each other. Sure, you can hop the trolley to expedite the process, but Salem is largely a walking city which I think is fantastic. It’s super easy to park the car somewhere and spend the whole day wandering and taking it in.

Next is one that many people might not realize. Salem has a fantastic support system in place for its businesses. Between Salem Main Streets, The Salem Chamber of Commerce and many more, the city truly supports its own which I love.

Lastly, there is something for everyone. It doesn’t much matter if you’re coming into the city for the history, the witchy stuff, something spooky, shopping or something else…you’ll find it.

So, are you convinced yet? Do you have reasons of your own? Feel free to comment below to share them!! <3

    1. Thanks for sharing! Good info. 🙂

  1. Love Salem a nice city. Although they could do more to revitalize the downtown area. That old decadent mall needs upgrades as well. The bricks on the side walks some also need real reparation. The good thing is the Peabody Museum that is doing some great changes. Although still all that area of that main walking street, with the shops etc could look nicer and give them a face lift . Will be way much attractive as a down town of what it is.

  2. I am planning a move to Salem in August/September of this year and I am so fricking excited. I have wanted to live here my whole life and now it is time to do this. I will miss some parts about Colorado, but the East Coast……I am doing all my research, starting to look for employment, then of course housing, and schools. I would love to be there and settled by as soon as possible. Any suggestions or hints?

    1. How exciting! I am happy for you and hope you love Salem as your new home. I actually worked with a local real estate agent to create some content around moving here which may help you out. You can check it out right here. Enjoy and good luck!!!

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