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Did you know November is National Novel Writing Month? Often shortened to NaNoWriMo or NaNo, the goal of this project is to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days – November 1st through 30th. Regardless of if you’re a NaNo veteran or this is your first year, the task can be daunting, especially through the holidays. Since we’re newly into November and this project has just kicked off for many people, I figured we could cover a few ways to participate in NaNo around the witch city!

Attend “Famous First Lines” at the House of the Seven Gables

I posted this a few days ago and wanted to include it here too. Join in with Witch City Writers at the House of the Seven Gables for writing exercises based around Nathaniel Hawthorne. Click here to read the details of this event happening on November 3rd.

Organize a write in

Salem has many gorgeous little spots to get together with other NaNo friends. Putting together a write-in could lend the creative vibes to get the party going. You might even consider reaching out to a coffee shop like Jaho to see if they’d let you gather there so you can add caffeine into the equation!

Lean on Salem’s scenery

Salem is gorgeous, it begs to be photographed and written about. If your story takes place near the water, go for a walk along the water to the Derby lighthouse. If it involves creaky old homes with windows like eyes, go for a stroll through the McIntire District. There is likely some place you can gain inspiration from. At the very least, a walk could clear your head after typing furiously at the keyboard. 😛

If you aren’t located in Salem, use the visual platform of Instagram to your benefit. Seek out and follow accounts that showcase images of the witch city. It’s not the same as in person of course but it could very well jog some inspiration and ideas.


Good writers are always avid readers, right? If you need a writing break, consider using that time to read instead of a mindless distraction like TV or social media.

Need some help picking out something to read? A while back I teamed up with Wicked Good Books to come up with a recommended book list, covering Salem based titles as well as spooky ones. Check the list out here to see if any of them look appealing to you.

Salem is also home to FunDead Publications which publishes spooky, horror and macabre works. Click here to visit their website and check out what they are currently printing.

Use November to write and December to edit

Winter in New England is full of quiet days and nights, snow falling, warm clothes and hot beverages. Use the solace of the winter to re-read what you wrote and begin the editing process. At the end of NaNo, you aren’t going to be staring at a fully fleshed out novel that is ready for publish. You’re going to (most likely) have a rough draft of a rough draft that needs some polishing. I can’t image being held up inside writing or editing when Haunted Happenings is in full swing through October or some other time of year that is fully distracting. The winter is quiet and that’s a good thing. 😛 If you need some hot beverage suggestions, I’d recommend the hot chocolate from Jaho (which I am currently drinking as I type this…) or the hot earl grey from Jolie Tea Co. which is an ongoing favorite of mine.

Are you going to be doing NaNoWriMo this year? What are some of your favorite tips for getting through it with your sanity in tact? Feel free to comment below and share. Good luck and enjoy!! <3


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things to do in salem, national novel writing month in salem ma, nanowrimo