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Okay, time for round three. When I created a blog post in March of this year called “My five (current) must visit restaurants in Salem, MA” I didn’t put much though into doing another. And now another. So instead of writing “updated” around it, we’re going to switch to numbers. So this is update number three of my current favorite foods and restaurants around the witch city. To read the first post, click here and the second here.

Lemon macaron at Caramel Patisserie

On Halloween day, dressed as Beetlejuice, I wandered into Caramel Patisserie, on the hunt for a macaron. A reader had suggested the rose one to me and I wanted to get my hands on it to see for myself! I wound up buying four of them (sorry not sorry) to sample. I grabbed lemon, rose, salted caramel and earl grey. The rose one actually wound up not being entirely for me, however the lemon one…oh my god yes. That was my favorite by a landslide. The soft texture and sweet lemon notes were delicious. Second in line of favorites was earl grey…I already love the tea so that makes sense. Third was salted caramel, followed by rose. They were all good, don’t get me wrong, however the lemon macaron was killer.

Fried lollipop kale from Olde Main Street Pub

You guys, I don’t even like kale. However, I was having dinner with my mom at the Olde Main Street Pub about a month or two ago and she wanted try this. It came out on a plate, dusted with a generous portion of parmesan cheese and sprinkled with pistachios. Neither one of us spoke a word for like ten minutes as we went in on it, chowing down. One thing I will say – this appetizer isn’t “date food” because it was messy and we had kale fragments all over the place by the time we were done. It was crispy and broke apart like potato chips do. SO delicious, would absolutely recommend this one.

Wonton soup from Koto

On Halloween day I wanted something light for lunch and was in the mood for sushi. I popped into Koto and ordered a few rolls, but the wonton soup caught my attention. It was chilly Halloween day and I decided to start with some. Oh my goodness, so good. It comes out in a big ceramic bowl that is nice and hot, steaming, it had four dumplings in it and a few veggies floating in the broth. There were carrots, scallions and sprouts. Absolutely delicious and warmed me right up – I had never had it before but will 100% order it again when I’m at Koto.

Margarita flatbread from Rockafellas

I tried this one for the first time about a month ago. I’ve had the buffalo chicken one which I also enjoy, however I wanted something lighter and decided to go for the margarita. It was definitely really yummy! It is a rectangle in shape, covered in tomato sauce (which is a bit on the sweet side, in my opinion), fresh mozzarella and pesto. The pesto is a nice change from the more traditional basil found on margarita pizzas. I’ve had it again since that first try and it was equally as delicious. Paired with a small salad it could make for a good dinner or split between two people could be an appetizer.

Iced coffee from Brew Box

I’ve suggest this one many times in my Facebook group when asked about food and drink suggestions and will continue to do so forever. 😛 The iced coffee from Brew Box is 100% my favorite in Salem. It has a weird fruity note (not in a bad way) that works well, is nice and strong and perks you right up. I don’t care if it’s snowing and I have gloves on my hands, I’ll continue to order the iced coffee as my go-to. I’ve tried iced coffee from other places around the witch city and this one beats them all out, in my eyes.

What are some of your favorites? Feel free to comment below!

  1. I loved the salted caramel macaron! Went back for 6 more the next day.

    1. Yummy!! That one was good too, I would definitely purchase again. I can’t get over the lemon one though, oh my goodness. If you haven’t tried it, I definitely suggest you do. 😀

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