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Salem certainly has no shortage of New Age shops!

For the purposes of this blog post, I am going to use the term “New Age shop” to define any shop in Salem that sells goods of the “witchy” or Pagan variety. Candles, incense, books, stones, herbs, offers readings, etc. You get the idea. Some may not identify with this term and what they offer may extend beyond the aforementioned groups but for the purposes of this blog post, that’s what we’re going with just for simplicity’s sake.

There are quite a few New Age shops in Salem as I am sure one could imagine, and they all have their own vibe. There are many ways to practice Pagan faiths or to be a practicing witch, so they are all different from one another in my opinion. I have wandered all of them many, many times and I enjoy that factor – they are all unique though they may be selling similar items.

Some of my favorite places to grab witchy supplies are as follows…


My favorite for herbs is Artemisia Botanicals. They have an apothecary-style display along one wall and I love taking the large jars to the scale and measure out what I need.


I have two favorites for stones. The first is Pyramid Books, the second is Village Silversmith. Pyramid has a large display against one window and on the tables surrounding it. Each container offers the name of the stone and the meaning which is super helpful if you’re unfamiliar. Village Silversmith has a large selection of rough stones, geodes and the like, decorating most of the surfaces in the store. Village can be a little overwhelming honestly because it’s so bright in there with so much to look at it, but it’s absolutely worth a stop.


If you need some new reading on all things witchy, I’d suggest checking out Witch Way Gifts. It’s not a new age shop but does have a good selection of fairly priced books off to the left side of the store. I’d also recommend stopping into Pyramid Books for this too. They have several shelves of reading material that is organized so that you can go right into the topic you’re looking for.

Witch balls & home decor

If you’re searching for a witch ball to hang in your home, my two picks for that are Witch Way Gifts and Crow Haven Corner. Crow Haven Corner is one of the oldest shops in Salem and their selection of blown glass and witch balls hanging from the ceiling is just stunning, in my opinion.

As far as general home decor, I’d suggest stopping into Hauswitch. The open light and high ceilings are lovely and they have unique finds inside. Absolutely worth checking out. I also like New England Magic for home gifts, however they have weird hours. I seem to see them open only randomly, however that could just be me. 😛

Tarot readings

If you want your cards read, I’d highly recommend Yulia Applewood from Hex. I wrote a full review of her here, as well as a rundown of my tarot experiences around Salem here.

That “witchy aesthetic”

You know what I mean. If you’re looking for a shop that looks like something right out of Tumblr, look no further than The Coven’s Cottage. With dried herbs in the windows, runes above the doors and cauldrons full of stones, it screams “witch vibes” in such an awesome way.


For candles, I have two picks, depending on what you’re looking for. If you want the regular small, thin chime candles, head to Pyramid Books. They have a display of them for a good price. If you want jar candles and “fancier” ones for the home, definitely head to Witch City Wicks. The shop is gorgeous (could easily fit into the “aesthetic” category above) and has an absolutely lovely selection.

What are some of your favorites? Feel free to comment below. Enjoy!! <3


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  1. ENCHANTED had wonderful books, statues, and stones, and the most powerful objects I felt were at THE COVEN’S CORNER. Almost everybody was wonderful!

    1. Both fantastic shops!! 🙂

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