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I have done this post before, but I think it’s long overdue for an update considering the first one was written in March. Salem has many food options and new ones are being announced all of the time, so there is plenty to check out. This is my new favorites list as of today, the things I have been ordering again and again around Salem.

  1. Fish sandwich at O’neills
    I have ordered this one about three or four times now and each time it comes out delicious. The sandwich is so big you honestly need to use a fork and knife! It comes with a side of your choice and pickles, always yummy.
  2. Cheese omelette at Fountain Place
    I have had this about five or six times now! Just a regular cheese omelette ordered with a side of bacon…it comes with toast and home fries as well. Super filling, a classic and goes well with the 97 cups of coffee I usually pair it with. 😛
  3. Mac and cheese bites at Bit Bar
    Oh my goodness. I had these for the first time about two weeks ago and they were so good. They are crusted in Cheeze-it and Parmesan and are served with a side of sriracha ranch. Definitely recommend.
  4. Brodie Burger at Brodie’s Seaport
    I have mentioned this before in response to DM’s and emails asking for food related suggestions, so I figured I’d add it into this blog post. I am definitely a fan of the Brodie Burger and have ordered it maybe three or four times now. Every time it has come out cooked nicely, seasoned well and delicious.
  5. Iced earl grey at Jolie Tea Co.
    I know this one isn’t a food technically, but I still wanted to throw a mention to Jolie Tea Co. I love Earl Grey and theirs is always made wonderfully. Considering the hot weather I’ve enjoyed many of these and it’s always delicious.

What are some of your favorites? Feel free to comment below!

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  1. You have pleasantly surprised me with these five excellent selections. Instead of going with the standard local favorite, or trendy spots you listed five quality places that are overshadowed by other spots that focus more on marketing and vibe.

    Nicely done.

    1. Thank you!! I’m glad you enjoyed my picks. 🙂

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