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Since it’s now officially November 1 and Halloween has just passed, I figured sharing this piece of content I wrote for my newsletter a few weeks back is in order. Many of you are packing up to leave the witch city if you visited for the holiday or will be soon and might be feeling the effects of the Post Salem Blues.

Symptoms include:

  • Crying over photos and Google Images of Salem
  • Buying moving boxes and packing materials
  • Looking at apartments in Salem
  • Planning your next trip within 30 minutes of being back home
  • Refusing to take your Halloween costume off
  • Singing songs from Hocus Pocus until everyone around you leaves

In all seriousness though guys, post Salem blues are super real. If you wound up leaving your heart in Salem when you visited, it can be hard go back to the daily grind at home without being bummed. Today I figured we could talk about a few ways to make yourself feel a little better until you can come back.

Book your next trip

Seriously. It’s never too early. Hop online and make reservations for a hotel, bookmark some attractions you want to revisit and start writing out “to do” lists. Having another trip on the horizon definitely lifts some of the blues.

Review pictures you took

Start sorting through the pictures from your camera or phone, put some on social media, make prints, etc. Having pictures of Salem around your home can put a smile on your face and remind you of the fun you had.

Work on your scrapbook and trip memorabilia

I wrote a blog post back in May covering ten ways to document your visit to Salem. Check it out for some crafty ideas to keep the vacation vibes up and the blues at bay.

Recreate some of the best meals you had

Did you dine somewhere in Salem and have your socks blown off? It might be fun to try to recreate some of your favorite meals! Give it a go in the kitchen and see how close you can get.

Bring some souvenirs home

Unpack the goodies you picked up and decorate! Hang decor, burn candles you bought in Salem, use the handmade soaps from the street vendor you purchased from…enjoy the Salem based scores you came home with.

I hope this helps. While going through the pictures you took, feel free to tag me to share them with me (FB and IG @thingstodoinsalem) or tweet them to me @witchcityguide. Enjoy! <3