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One of the most common types of posts I see over in my Facebook group is about the best places to eat in Salem. Today here on my blog I decided to round that information up for you! I sorted my Facebook group and filtered it down to the most recommended and these are the results. Honestly, it’s hard to go that wrong with dining in Salem but according to the 10,000+ people in my group, these are the favorites.

  • Red’s (This is the most recommended one by far. Try the pancakes!)
  • Finz
  • Gulu-Gulu Cafe
  • Turner’s Seafood (Bacon wrapped scallops. ‘Nuff said.)
  • Flying Saucer Pizza
  • Howling Wolf Taqueria
  • Ugly Mug Diner
  • Sea Level Oyster Bar
  • Witch’s Brew Cafe (Try the Witch’s Brew Steak!)
  • Goodnight Fatty (Trust me on this one, the cookies are life changing.)

What are some of my personal favorites? If I had to make a list of my own, it would include Brodie’s Seaport, Ugly Mug Diner, Fountain Place, O’neill’s, Goodnight Fatty, Jolie Tea Co., Turner’s Seafood and Rockfellas.

I hope this helped! If you aren’t part of my Facebook group already feel free to join in. Request to be added by clicking the button under the banner image. Enjoy!! <3

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things to do in salem, first timers guide to salem ma

  1. What about Village and Mercy’s Tavern?

    1. Those are both great options, too! 🙂

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