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Your health grind. Your diet. Your fitness plan. We all know it can be hard to stay on track when on vacation. Today’s blog post is going to be a few tips to help you do just that while you’re visiting Salem.

Before we begin…

First thing I want to immediately address is the following. You are allowed to go on vacation and enjoy it. Going some place new with loved ones, trying new foods, stepping outside of your norm is entirely okay. I don’t want this blog post to be read as anything other than tips for those who want them. I do regularly receive questions regarding food options in Salem that are on the healthier side and have received DMs on Instagram asking the same. That is what prompted this content.

I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page. Going on vacation and keeping your health goals in mind is fine. Going on vacation and putting that on pause to enjoy yourself is also fine.

Check out a map

The first thing I’d suggest is checking out a map of Salem. The witch city is home to many attractions and landmarks that are well worth exploring. Many people hop on board with The Salem Trolley which is an awesome way to sight see. However, if you want to get your steps in for the day, consider creating your own route and sight see on your own custom schedule. Alternatively, you could follow The Heritage Trail. Please keep in mind that the route the Trolley takes and the route you’d be on with The Heritage Trail do overlap a little but are not the same. Either way, opt for a sight seeing day without the Trolley to get extra walking in.

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Consider your options

If you’re dining out with loved ones, consider splitting a few appetizers to keep the portion sizes down. We jokingly say there is “no dieting in Salem” around here and there is a ton of truth behind that. Salem is home to many delicious food options and it’s easy to go hard while you’re enjoying.

Another option you might like is packing food. Hit a grocery store and prepare a few lunches ahead of time to bring with you. Take those down to the Wharf or to the Common and enjoy the view while dining. This way you know what you’re eating and what is in it. In order to make this happen, you’ll likely need a hotel or Airbnb with a kitchen and/or fridge so keep that in mind while booking.


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Start the day right

Along the lines of the first tip – begin the day right! Start it out with a walk down the Derby Wharf to the Derby Wharf Light. Join in on a morning walking tour. Drop in on a single session yoga class. Get in a few minutes of meditation before the city wakes up. There are tons of ways you can set the vibe for your day.

Souvenir + Water goals

Pop into one of Salem’s many gift shops and find a cute water bottle. Fill it up through the day to make sure you get your water intake and enjoy your souvenir all at once.

Read ahead

This is one I do all of the time – read menus ahead of time. If I am going somewhere unfamiliar and want to keep myself on track, I read menus online ahead of time and scout out possible food options for myself. This allows me to be prepared and make educated decisions.

I hope this helped! Feel free to comment below with your own suggestions. Good luck on your journey and enjoy!! <3

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things to do in salem,

  1. The Salem YMCA offers day passes, Forrest River Park has a 1/2 mile loop by the harbor and local groups meet to run daily.

    1. Yes!! All of these are also amazing suggestions. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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