things to do in salem, five ways to use pinterest to plan your visit to salem ma

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog. For today’s post we are going to chat about five ways you can use Pinterest to plan your visit to Salem, MA. I have talked about Pinterest many times and I recently wrote a blog post over at (my other website) regarding using Pinterest to plan your wedding. This got me thinking about how to apply that to visiting Salem. So here we go! Today we’re going to chat about exactly that.

Halloween costume inspiration

Of course, the first and most obvious way to use Pinterest to plan your Salem visit is Halloween costume inspiration. I have a board dedicated entirely to that and there are tons of other great ideas on Pinterest if you’re stuck. I’d suggest starting with some general search terms and going from there. Search strings like “family Halloween costume ideas”, “simple Halloween costume” or “Halloween costume makeup ideas” will all get you started properly.

Salem, MA “must see” and “must do” items

Salem is home to many gorgeous landmarks, historic homes and scenic areas. Pinterest is loaded with images of the witch city and this can serve as a spring board for your personal “must see” and “must do” lists. I’d begin with my Around Salem, MA board and create your own version of it. Pin places you want to see and learn more about then make lists based off of that.

Need some help planning?

things to do in salem, plan your visit to salem ma

Salem’s general layout

Pinterest is actually a pretty decent place to begin figuring out Salem’s layout. I always suggest starting with hopping onto The Salem Trolley once you’re here but beginning with Pinterest can give you a jump start in figuring out where all of those “must see” and “must do” places are in relationship to one another, to your hotel, etc.

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Kid friendly content

Salem does have some kid friendly programming on the calendars, even in the fall. If you want to see where other families have taken their kids in the witch city, check out Pinterest. There are tons of family based bloggers and content creators who have weighed in from personal experience.

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Planning your Salem, MA wedding

Pinterest can be an absolute goldmine when planning a wedding. This applies extra to destination weddings, especially in Salem. I’d suggest first heading over to which is my sister website to this one and checking it out. I’d then also enjoy the following boards I have already created for you regarding weddings:

I hope this helped give you some ideas. Feel free to comment with your own thoughts and have an amazing visit to Salem. Enjoy!! <3

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things to do in salem, first timers guide to salem ma

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things to do in salem, five ways to use pinterest to plan your visit to salem ma