Hi everyone, happy Monday. Today on the blog I wanted to discuss three things to avoid when visiting Salem, MA in October. We are turning the corner into spring, the city is going to be coming out of winter hibernation and seasonal businesses will be opening their doors again soon. I am sure there are many of you who already have October plans in mind and are gearing up for a fall visit…today’s post is for you!

Three things to avoid when visiting Salem, MA in October

The first point I want to make is that there is no right or wrong way to visit Salem. Coming here and having a successful and fun visit means you did it right! I see chats in my Facebook group all the time from those who planned everything down to the hour as well as from those who fly by the seat of their pants. Both are valid. However, I do personally believe in striking a bit of a balance between the two…

Planning too little

The fall is peak season in Salem, of course. The streets are busy with hundreds of thousands of visitors through the month. Planning ahead will save you headaches and waiting around or wandering with nothing to do. Book your hotel way ahead of time and secure your tickets early as much as you can. If you’re coming from a distance, it would be a shame to miss out on an attraction or event you had your hopes hung on because tickets are unavailable.


Planning too much

When organizing your trip to Salem, planning too much can also be a slight detriment. I’d suggest securing tickets to large events and attractions when possible but be sure to leave wiggle room. You’re probably going to want to wander Salem and browse the shops, stop for photos along the way, snag a coffee and sit down on a bench for a few minutes. Leave room to just take it all in and people watch. Leaving room in your day is also a great idea because of wait times and lines. If you wind up needing an extra thirty minutes here or there or you wind up waiting longer than you planned for a table…you’ll have wiggle room. As the days wind closer and closer to Halloween, Salem’s restaurants are often on wait lists by lunch time. Giving yourself grace periods around your scheduled events can help in situations like this.

Driving into and parking in Salem, MA in October

Driving into and parking in Salem in October can be quite a task unless you arrive really, really early. If you are visiting in October, specifically close to Halloween, I’d suggest not bringing the car into Salem at all. Take public transit, take an Uber or Lyft, hop the train, use the shuttle services the city offers during October…anything else. Traffic can be intense and it congests the whole city for everyone when there are so many cars on the roads trying to get here. Take your broom or vacuum instead!

I hope this helps! Have fun during your visit and be sure to tag me in your pictures on social media. I love seeing what everyone is getting up to and enjoying in our city. <3

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