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Good morning everyone and happy Monday. A super common question I see in my Facebook group is about tarot readings in Salem, MA. The questions ask things like “who is the best tarot reader in Salem?”, “where can I get the best reading?” and “which shop has the best and most authentic readers in Salem?”. A lot of the answers on those posts involve Pentagram and their readers so of course I had to check it out for myself!

Pentagram was created by Leanne Marrama and Timothy Reagan with their love for the Craft, the Old Gods, and esoteric knowledge. Tim and Leanne are two of Salem’s most sought after psychics and Witches. They have been practicing Witchcraft and the psychic arts for more than two decades.

Psychic readings at Pentagram in Salem, MA – My review

When it comes to my own background and experiences, I do read tarot myself and have studied the cards for about 10+ years now. I have had three other readings done here in Salem in the past. Two of those were sort of lacking in substance and detail in my opinion. The third one was good and hit some solid points. However, the reading I had done at Pentagram blew all of those out of the water. I sat with Tim Reagan who is one of the owners of the shop. Tim is a traditionalist witch High Priest and occultist. He has a background in witchcraft, astrology, palmistry and magick.

Tim’s energy is very up beat and welcoming. Sitting down with him felt very comfortable and approachable like I was having a visit with a friend. The shop has a separate area up a small flight of stairs where the readers are stationed and we got settled into Tim’s spot there. He gave a quick run down of his style of reading, what to expect and how he uses the tarot cards as a guide to the messages he receives psychically while sitting with a client.

Before I get into the substance of the reading I had, I want to share a few thoughts on what to expect or how to go into a reading. The first point I want to drive home is to go in with an open mind. You may hear things you were wanting insight into. The cards or reader might share details of something you had no idea was going to surface. Both are okay and may happen depending on the messages you are meant to receive. This was true in my case, as I will touch on shortly. The second point I’d like to bring up is that every reader works differently. There are tons of ways to read, interpret, work with messages and work with tarot. Be sure you like the vibe or energy of the shop or reader you are considering. The third point I have for you is that the death card, the devil card or any images that may appear “spooky” or “scary” do not necessarily mean that. The death card, for example, is a symbol of rebirth and new chapters. This can be a wonderful and beautiful thing. Don’t allow yourself to get hung up on things like that. Allow the reader to interpret for you and share their messages. My final point is that time related questions can be hard to answer. Sitting down with a reader and asking something like “Am I going to get a new job this week?” may be tricky. Instead, I’d go into the reading with questions like “What areas of my life should I focus on to bring new employment opportunities to me?” or “What career fields or life paths should I consider to bring me the most fulfillment?” These will give you way more detail and insight into the steps you should consider.

Okay, now for the reading I had done. Tim touched on many areas of my life, giving an overview of 2022 for me. He commented on my background and knew the area of study I went to college for. He commented on career and what my work will look like this year. He made mention of my relationship with family members, particularly my father. Remember how I said sometimes unexpected messages can pop up? The insight into my relationship with my dad took me by surprise as I didn’t expect that to turn up for any reason. He saw and gave insight into my relationship with my boyfriend. Tim offered comments on my spiritual path and picked up on the fact that I am also highly intuitive and a practitioner of Paganism and witchcraft myself. There was so much good information given, when I got to a place where I had quiet for a few minutes I pulled out my phone and used the voice recorder app to brain dump everything he told me. The recording is about ten minutes long of me rambling and going over all of the information. I definitely recommend you do the same so you don’t forget anything! It can be a lot and I definitely felt my brain reaching capacity so I had to put it all down into the voice recorder app for future reference.

If after your reading you feel compelled to pick up some tarot cards of your own, I would suggest the following. First, find a deck that vibes with you, calls to you or has artwork you enjoy. For me personally, I don’t care for decks that have CGI images or look very “video game like” for lack of a better term. You might like that style or may enjoy a themed deck that lines up with an interest of yours. An example of this might be the Green Witch Tarot. I’d also suggest considering a deck like the Universal Rider Waite tarot deck. I personally learned on this deck and feel it’s a good foundation to get into tarot. You might also want to consider a small bag to store your cards if you don’t want to keep them in the box or a cloth to read upon. If tarot isn’t your speed, they do also have tons of other divination tools available.

I hope this helped give you some insight into the reading I had and my personal review!! I would give Tim and the reading I had a 20 out of 10 and will absolutely be back for future readings with him. If you decide to try out Pentagram be sure to circle back and let me know how it went! I’d love to hear about your own experiences as well.

Pentagram is located at 282 Derby St. R-3 Salem, MA 01970. Their website is and on Instagram they can be found at @pentagramsalem. Enjoy!! <3

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