things to do in salem, anti-valentines tour salem night tour review

things to do in salem, anti-valentines tour salem night tour review

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Hi guys, happy Monday and welcome back to the blog. Today we have a review of the Anti-Valentine’s Tour by Salem Night Tour here in Salem, MA. I had the pleasure of being part of a preview tour that happened on January 20th so I got to see it ahead of time before it begins in February. This is Salem Night Tour’s sixth year running their annual Anti-Valentine’s Tour so I am glad I was able to finally check it out. The Anti-Valentine’s Tour is described as “The tour featuring love gone wrong, murderous marriages and tainted love. Designed for the hopelessly single and the happy-in-love alike.” This is a tour that features Salem’s rich history with the added twist of love triangles, murder and darkness.

Anti-Valentine’s Tour by Salem Night Tour : A review

The preview tour met at Remember Salem where we hung out for a little bit, waiting for everyone to arrive. We were given super tasty hot chocolate from Jaho and some goodies, which was very kind and thoughtful. Included was a black rose…very fitting to the theme of the night. Once everyone had time to arrive, we were out the door.

Now, the first thing I need to note is that January and February in Salem are generally very, very cold. Please dress warmly and in layers. I also suggest grabbing some hand warmers to slip into your gloves. Our tour guide, Lemaris Bell, did a wonderful job of positioning us so the wind wasn’t as bad, but it was still a very cold night. I showed up for this tour pretty much dressed like the little kid in “A Christmas Story” who can’t put his arms down from the layers.

The path we followed around Salem was decently even terrain…at least as even and level as it can be in Salem. The difficulty or challenge of navigating the route is very low. Our guide did a wonderful job of trying to keep us away from the wind, as mentioned. Lemaris was very aware of where we stood and spoke loudly so everyone could hear. The tales shared with us that night included things like Bess Houdini and her attempts to contact her deceased husband Harry Houdini through the years. We heard about Debra Wilson, a Quaker woman who showed up at a Puritan meeting house completely nude in protest. We learned about the curse placed on Salem’s sheriffs and how they all began suffering and passing from afflictions of the heart and many more spooky tales. Our guide was super knowledgeable in Salem’s history, articulated the stories well and with emotion. Lemaris was funny, personable, welcoming to questions and did a good job “reading us” as a group to make sure we were all engaged and enjoying our tour. The style of story telling was not cookie cutter or one size fits all – Lemaris did a great job rolling with the vibe of the group and keeping everyone entertained.

I personally feel this tour is of good value and is a good bang for your buck. It is good for couples, singles, groups and more. The subject matter of the tour includes dark history and themes so I’d advise caution if you are considering bringing kids or a younger crowd.

Logistics and details of the Anti-Valentine’s Tour

Keep it local! Salem Night Tour has been operating in Salem for fifteen years. I also highly recommend going right to to book your tickets as opposed to booking through a third party website. This way all of your money is going right into supporting Salem’s businesses.

The Anti-Valentine’s Tour runs February 4-14, 2022 and is an hour and a half long. Tickets begin at $30 and include a hot chocolate, a black rose and a few other goodies. Tickets can be purchased at the link above or by calling 978-741-1170. “Day of” reservations are a possibility however booking in advance is strongly encouraged.

So there ya have it! My personal review and opinions on the Anti-Valentine’s Tour by Salem Night Tour. I hope this helped give you some insight and information. Have fun!! <3

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